DS214play Driver

DS214play Driver Best Entertainment Center

Synology DS214play Driver is a ready-made media server designed specifically for users to enjoy the most fun on their NAS devices. DS214play comes with dual-core CPU and 1 GB RAM, synchronized with today's superior consumer NAS, giving an average 111 MB / s read speed and 101 MB / s write speed according to RAID 1 configurations in the Windows® environment. 

The default floating-point unit only enhances the overall capabilities of the main CPU but shows a special feature in accelerating the processing of thumbnails, making the DS214 active image display play a refreshing new experience. 

DS214play works with a variable transistor player for the devices and features 1080c Full HD transcoding for video on the fly. Now users can enjoy the conversion of high-quality video encoding on demand exclusively through DS214play.

DS214play Driver Private Multimedia Bank

With DS214play, you can easily manage and share multimedia content across Windows, Mac®, and Linux® systems. Intuitive Photo Station lets you easily organize photos into custom categories, smart albums, blog posts, and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, and Picasa in just a few clicks. 

The audio station is equipped with the basic plugin for songs, Internet Radio, DLNA support, AirPlay®, and Bluetooth speakers for quality playback. With the video station, you can watch movies and TV shows over the Internet or record your favorite programs using the DVB-T / DVB-S stick.

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DS214play Driver Multipurpose Storage Server

DS214play is also equipped with integration in comprehensive external storage, providing two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and one eSATA interface on the back, one SD card and one USB 2.0 interface on the front panel, along with copy buttons that allow data to be copied with one click of the device Your SD / USB is on DS214play. 

The DS214play, designed with safety and comfort, contains a hard disk tray without a new tool, which allows users to install a 3.5-inch hard drive without screws and drivers. At the same time, DS214play supports a hot-swappable hard-disk tray for immediate and risk-free hard disk replacement.

● Full HD 1080p Video Transcoding on the fly
● The Dual Core CPU is powered by floating point units
● SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 feature
● DLNA® certified media server
● Screwless Drive Place Design and Hot-swappable Support
● Works on Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) highlights

Anywhere / Anytime Available with DS214play Driver

Synology provides a mobile application that allows you to enjoy full formations from the multimedia library even on the go, allowing you to capture your library of personal albums, music, and home video collections on DS214play. 

Available on iOS, Android ™, Windows Phone, DS photo +, DS audio, and DS video platforms to fill your image station, audio station and video station, providing terabytes of content at your fingertips. What's more, DS downloads let you manage and remotely monitor download tasks while you can access DS214play content with DS files as needed.

DS214play Driver Media Server is Ready for DLNA

Because DLNA DMS is ready (Digital Media Server), DS214play also functions as a ready-made media server with the ability to host digital multimedia content for remote playback. After connecting to a wireless router, DS214play is set to broadcast music, photos, and videos on devices that support DLNA without pre-set up, allowing users to enjoy their collections on a larger screen or speaker quality. Synology allows even users to search and select DiskStation content by using the DS sound to set DLNA triggers within the same LAN to run.

DS214play Driver with Easy Settings and Management

In addition to the Quick Start tool, users can browse and set up the DSM for immediate use. For users who are not familiar with complex router configurations or those who just want to save time in the EZ-Synology Wizard, they simplify the process of managing access to the DS214play Synology from the Internet. 

EZ-Internet Wizard guides you through all network settings including firewalls, port forwarding, PPPoE settings, and DDNS registration. The DSM multi-task Web UI allows users to run more than one application at a time on the browser tab and switch between them instantly. Synology The Hybrid RAID technology allows you to maximize the use of your devices while maintaining secure storage with data redundancy.

Synology Works on DiskStation DS214play Driver Manager (DSM)

Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) is a web-based operating system that provides personalized services for cloud services. It is designed to make your daily life easier. The default package center allows you to download and install packages designed specifically for your unique needs. Everything will happen with a few clicks. 

The simple interface allows you to get the minimum friction storage capacity and configuration. This gives you full control over your personal cloud and allows you to access it anywhere. Synology DSM helps you maximize productivity and get more of your digital assets with minimal noise.

Energy Saving with Cool and Quiet Design with DS214play Driver

Synology DS214play is designed taking into account energy efficiency. This not only provides a larger fan and intelligent airflow to keep the system cool 24 hours a day, and the sound damper design makes it very quiet compared to the PC. Hibernate hard drives can reduce power consumption and operating costs. 

All Synology products are manufactured with RoHS compliant components and packaged with recycled packaging materials. Synology recognizes responsibility as a global citizen to continue to work to reduce the environmental impact of each DS214play product produced.