DS213j Driver

Synology® DiskStation DS213j Driver

Synology® DiskStation DS213j Driver is a 2-port NAS server for small offices designed to provide solutions for storing and sharing files. With data protection for your home environment with low power consumption, and calm. Operation and reliability. Running on the DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system provides ease of use and various features. High-performance multimedia processing with Smart.

Energy Management DS213j Driver

With a RAID 1 configuration in the Windows® environment, the Synology DS213j provides read and write speeds of more than 100MB / second 70MB / s each, allowing you to share all Blu-ray Video quality in less than 3 minutes. Built-in Floating CPU CPU quickly. 

Process small images to better see images in various creation drawings, while 512MB RAM ensures great maximum speed when running multimedia applications. Synology DS213j is designed by considering energy efficiency. 

Not only does it provide a 92mm big fan and smart airflow to maintain beautiful clockwork it operates seven days a week, but its comfortable sound design makes it quiet compared to public spaces in the library. LAN / WAN (WAN) support, multiple on / off is scheduled, and hibernation on the hard drive can reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Your Data is Safe with Synology DS213j Driver

DS213j with Synology Hybrid RAID helps balance storage and repeat data capacity so you can get space and use it too (Special RAID configurations available for advanced users). Your DS213j is also the ideal solution for central and one-stop backups: from computers to NAS, NAS to NAS, NAS to peripheral storage media (such as USB sticks) or NAS for remote storage in various options.

24/7 download the DS213j Driver portal

Satisfy your appetite with data download stations, download your 24/7 gateway. With the BT comprehensive search engine default, you can find it and download files with a few clicks. So turn off your computer and let your own computer DS213j Download all your content directly to your central storage. With DS Download on iPhone® and Android ™, you can manage Loading tasks even when navigating in  DS213j Driver.

DS213j Driver Personal Entertainment Center

Enjoy multimedia easily with your audio station and video station. Find Movies and TV shows online or record your favorite programs with the DVB-T stick, and play them on all devices including Windows® and Mac® DLNA, AirPlay®, Bluetooth, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. 

Take photos on your mobile device and allow Instant Upload to automatically send to your DiskStation until you are ready to share via Photo Station or social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, and Picasa.

Antivirus Essential
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Availability of DS213j Driver anywhere / anytime

QuickConnect and EZ-Internet configure your DS213j to easily access Online. Along with Synology Cellular Applications for each feature is very popular, including DS + and DS Video DS audio images to access anywhere multimedia, download DS, DS files, and DS cloud for download / access / synchronization for smooth files, DS cameras for home security, you can enjoy your NAS anywhere, anytime.

Powered by the DSM Synology DS213j Driver

Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) is a web-based operating system that provides specialized cloud services. It's designed to make your daily life easier. The default package allows you to download and install packages specifically designed to meet your unique needs, be it Share files in the cloud and share photos on online albums and manage VPN or even antivirus environments to protect your system. 

All that will happen with a few clicks. The simple interface allows you to get and configure storage capacity with minimal friction. It gives you full control of your personal cloud and allows you to access it anywhere. Synology DSM This will help you maximize productivity and get more Asset digital content with minimal effort with DS213j Drivers.