DS213Air Driver

Synology® DiskStation DS213Air Driver

Synology® DiskStation DS213Air Driver is a one-stop solution for wireless sharing, web applications and centralized storage. Designed specifically for small office and home users who need a convenient wireless sharing solution the ability with full featured network attached storage, to share and protect cost-effective data, while increasing productivity with a comprehensive office application.

Streamline Your Network with DS213 Air Driver One Device

Synology DS213air Not only NAS, with its Wi-Fi® adapter, the DS213air functions as a wireless access point and provides hard-to-reach Wi-Fi coverage. Sites like rooms are very far from a router, or the floor is different. 

Embedded software components make it easy to create fast, strong, and secure wireless IP networks from scratch. DS213air is all the equipment needed for your home / office wireless network environment, plus storage and terabyte cloud applications.

DS213 Air Driver Build Your Own Cloud

With Synology DS213air, you can center and share up to 8 terabytes of data and files with coworkers and friends. If you find this way to manage useful files, you can have your own cloud using the Cloud Station to access and synchronize different computer files. 

No need to configure the DS213air remote access router, using ezCloud Synology, you can easily expand Internet coverage. Manage your files on Synology DS213air with your file browser which provides file browser navigation on DiskStation, allowing you to copy, move, delete, rename, download, or download files indefinitely. 

If you continue to navigate, Synology offers useful applications, DS files for iPhone®, iPad® and Android ™ users. Anything stored on Synology DS213air can now be accessed remotely using online DS files.

Optimization of DS213Air Driver Price / Ratio Performance

Synology DS213air provides read speeds of 108.07 MB / s under RAID 1 configurations in the Windows® environment, and 58.66 MB / s 1 writing. Equipped with USB 3.0 support that provides transmission speeds of up to 5 Gbps, that is 10 times faster than USB 2.0, DS213air requires less time to transfer data External hard drives consume less power. 

Synology® DiskStation DS213air is a single solution for wireless sharing, web applications and centralized storage. Specially designed for small office and home users who need the right solution for sharing wireless networks. Capability with full-featured network storage, for sharing and protecting cost-effective data, with increased productivity with a comprehensive office Application.

● Integrated wireless WiFi
● SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 feature
● Cool and calm design
● Installation of a problem-free system with mobile devices
● Works on DiskStation Synology Director (DSM) Spotlight

Multimedia Center at DS213Air Driver's Home

DS213air presents innovative and fun multimedia entertainment for you Home Enjoy your voice and feel while enriching your online life Albums & Blog Services. Your social life only improves. IPad®, iPhone® The Android ™ application, DS Sound, allows DiskStation users to stream music stored on DiskStation with their mobile devices wherever Internet access is available. 

The Media Server allows you to stream multimedia files using the DLNA / UPnP® Digital Media Adapter (DMA) to a stereo or TV system. Network You can use iTunes® as a multimedia player to browse and play saved music on your Synology DiskStation.

Antivirus Essential
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CardDAV Server
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Cloud Station Server
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Directory Server
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Cloud Sync
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Backup DS213Air Driver for Your Valuable Data

Server backup includes many alternatives: local backup and network backup. You can back up data in shared folders or subfolders and choose it Additional backup options or other flexible scheduling options. Everything can easily be configured with a step-by-step guide to make it easier to create an automatic account backup solution. 

Installing a trouble-free system with portable Web Assistant devices is a web-based tool to facilitate the installation of as many DS213air as possible. So it is possible to install the entire system with only a mobile device, with the arrangement of all system components coming in a few simple steps. Along with the fast start of the Widget, users can simultaneously tour the DSM operating system and set it to use immediately.

Peace of Mind with DS213Air Driver Data Encryption

Synology DS213air is equipped with an encryption engine that is missing the task of calculating encryption away from the main CPU, which helps increase the file transfer speed of DiskStation. Important data protection for companies of all sizes. 

The top class features that were previously available on enterprise class devices can now be accessed by Synology DS213air for small and medium businesses. DS213air provides 256-bit AES encryption at the sharing level to help protect trying to access unauthorized hard drives.

DS213Air Driver Energy Efficient Design

The Synology DS213air is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Not only does it provide 92 x 92 mm fans and better air flow to keep the system running cool 24/7, the noise-toning design makes it very quiet compared to the personal computers of its peers. Synology DS213air only consumes 22.44 watts in operation, and the unique On / Off Scheduling feature reduces power consumption min. 

All Synology products are manufactured with components that comply with RoHS and packaged recycled packaging materials. Synology recognizes responsibility as a citizen of the world continues to work to minimize the environmental impact of each product DS213Air Driver produced.