DS212j Driver

DS212j Driver with Multimedia Center at Home

The DS212j Driver presents innovative and fun multimedia entertainment in your home Enjoy the audio and video experience, enrich your life with personal online albums and blog services. Your social life is enriched now. With iPad® and iPhone® the Android ™ application with DS sound for users on DiskStation now music is stored on DiskStation with their streaming mobile devices if there is internet access.

DS212j Driver Allows Media Servers to Transfer Multimedia Files

With the UPnP® Digital Media Adapter (DMA) on a stereo system or TV. Sony® PlayStation®3 and Microsoft® XBox 360 will also be available certified iTunes® servers are an easy way to listen to music or other people. ITunes® customers share with others across the network. You can bias iTunes® as a multimedia player for browsing and playing using music stored on Synology DiskStation.

Download the DS212j Driver Server

The download station operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 7 days a week, the NZB download center without a PC. With eMule and BT search engines get the ability to search and download without additions to install desktop applications. RSS feeds bring you the latest updates directly. You can subscribe to many RSS feeds that contain all the information for your list of favorites. Upload will be fully automated.

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Secure Your Valuable Data with DS212j Driver

Desktop Backup for PC Windows® users provides Synology data to back up your desktop data to your DiskStation, Mac OS X users can back up important Apple® Time Machine® data about DiskStation. Server backup includes several alternatives: Local Data backup and network backup. 

Data can be shared back up folders or subfolders and you can do it. Choose between incremental backup or other flexible layout options. All features are equipped with a step-by-step guide that is easily configured, so making an automatic backup solution is easy.

Build your own cloud with DS212j Driver

Using Synology DS212j, you can access all data and files centered and share with family members on the LAN. If you find this method, file management is a special process that finds interesting, you can get your personal cloud, so that version can be extended to the Internet. 

EZ-Internet Assistant guides you through all the steps needed for remote connections to Synology DS212j. Your presence then being able to remotely from anywhere within minutes to DS212j access is very easy.

DS212j Driver can Access Data from Anywhere

Manage your files on the Synology DS212j using the File Browser, which allows simple file navigation on DiskStation. The presence of you can copy, move, delete files without limitation renaming, downloading, or downloading. 

If you travel a lot, Synology offers useful applications for File DS for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android ™. Everything on Synology DS212j data is now stored remotely with DS files via the Internet accessible.

Share Your Memories with Friends with DS212j Driver

Photo Station makes it easy to publish photos and videos and blogs. Features such as customization with themes, blogs and user permissions make Photo Station the modern center release your lifestyle on the Internet. 

Image stations synchronized album automatically using Facebook, so it becomes more and share your social life. Synology DS212j is designed to save energy. It does not provide a 92x92 blower and increases ventilation to keep the clock cool, the mechanism for noise reduction makes it and compared to other peripheral computers very quiet. 

Synology DS212j only consumes 17.6 watts as long as the operation function is programmed and the shutdown is uniquely disabled to help reduce energy consumption. All Synology products are manufactured with components that comply with RoHS packed with recycled materials. Synology DS212j Driver is responsible as a serious global citizen, and continues to strive not to damage the environment.