DS212 Drive

DS212 Drive with a Price that is 0ptimal / Performance Ratio

Synology gives DS212 Drive the speed of reading 110MB / sec in RAID 1 in the Windows environment, and 54.3MB initialized in writing the second. It comes with USB 3.0, which provides transfer speeds of up to 5 Gigabit support per second, 10 times faster than USB 2.0, requires less Data DS212 transfer to external hard drives and consumes less power. In addition, Removable hot swap drives make it easy for maintenance and hard drive replacement.

Simple Post DS212 Drive

Synology provides DS212 supporting a comprehensive network protocol, ensuring smooth file posting on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. The ADS integration window and allows LDAP Synology DS212 to be quickly and easily commensurate with the existing business network environment without having to re-create the user account on Synology DS212. 

This simplified access to internet files with FTP servers and browsers encrypted files on the Internet. HTTPS, built Firewall, supports automatic IP to prevent file exchanges over the Internet being protected at a high level of security. 

If you are a permanent movement, Synology offers useful applications, files for DS iPhone, iPad and Android users. Anything stored on Synology DS212 can now be accessed remotely using DS files over the Internet.

DS212 Drive Business Application

Synology DS212 runs on an award-winning operating system, Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), offering comprehensive applications and features designed for work groups and home businesses. The built-mail server converts Synology DS212 into a special email service, and reduces the ability to share USB printers to reduce business costs by sharing printing resources throughout the office. 

VPN server packages provide easy DS212 that converts to VPN server solutions, providing a safe way to connect to a remote location on a private LAN network. Synology Web content station with support for PHP / MySQL allows web hosting for up to 30 sites, Web applications and third parties, such as Content management and customer relationship management and e-commerce systems.

Effective Backup Solution with DS212 Drive

Synology DS212 provides a central backup target for segmented and unorganized data consolidation across the network. PC users can back up data to Synology DS212 using Synology Data Replicator software Mac OS X users have the original Apple® Time Machine integration. 

The Backup Wizard is provided to back up data from the Synology DS212 to another Synology DiskStation, to another rsync server, or to an external drive. It also supports backup of Amazon® S3 cloud services. Add packages, back up time, and manage DiskStation data in various versions, so IT Administrators can easily track and restore to ones previously copied whenever needed. 

USBCopy and SDCopy provide a plug-n-save solution for storing data. By pressing the «Copy» button on the front panel, you can quickly back up all data from a USB storage device or SD card to DiskStation.

Peace of Mind with DS212 Drive Data Encryption

Synology DS212 is equipped with an encryption engine that is missing the task of counting encryption far from the main CPU, which helps increase file transfer speeds from DiskStation. Important data protection for companies of all sizes. 

The top class features that were previously available on enterprise class devices can now be accessed by Synology DS212 for small and medium businesses. DS212 provides 256-bit AES encryption at the sharing level to help prevent unauthorized access to the hard drive.

Antivirus Essential
Free Driver
CardDAV Server
Free Driver
Cloud Station Server
Free Driver
Directory Server
Free Driver

DS212 Drive with energy Efficiency with cool and calm design

Synology DS212 is designed taking into account energy efficiency. Not only that, it gives a 92 x 92 mm fan and smart airflow to keep the system running cool 24/7, the noise-toning design makes it very quiet compared to the colleagues' personal computers. Supports Wake on LAN / WAN, Multi-power scheduled on / off, this can reduce hibernation from hard disk power consumption and operating costs. 

All Synology products are manufactured with components that comply with RoHS packaged with recyclable packaging materials. Acknowledging Synology's responsibility as a global citizen to continue working reduced the environmental impact of every DS212 Drive product produced.