DS210j Driver

DS210j Driver Builds Your Own Entertainment Center

The DS210j Driver download station 2 works on BitTorrent 24x7, FTP, HTTP, eMule and the NZB download center. RapidShare and RSS downloads now supported by DLNA Compliant Media Sever ensure compatibility and interoperability between Disk Stations and various DLNA certified home appliances. 

ITunes Server provides an easy way to share music and other iTunes client videos in the local network. You can create playlists with songs that match the criteria you choose, and most importantly, iTunes will update this playlist automatically when you add or delete songs. 

Audio stations support music, Internet radio stations and playback of iPods with USB speakers connected. Allowing web streaming mode for your music to be shared with many users via the Internet.

Back Up Your Valuable Data with the DS210j Driver

DSM 2.2 provides comprehensive backup solutions for data stored on Disk Stations or desktop computers to Disk Stations. Creative USB version simplifies backup of USB storage with one touch design.

The backup server includes two alternatives: local backup network support Both allow you to back up data in shared folders and databases. Additional backup options and flexible tables available Everything can be easily configured with a step-by-step guide. Desktop Backup for Windows users provides Synology Replicator 3 data to back up your desktop, Outlook, and Outlook Express data to send email to their disk stations by selecting one of three backup modes. 

Instant backup, synchronization, and scheduling, while Mac OS X users can use it apply Apple Time Machine to back up important data from the Disk Station. USBCopy allows you to quickly copy your data from USB storage. Devices such as a USB flash or USB card reader to the Disk Station with just one touch on the front panel copy button.

Enrich Your Web Presence with the DS210j Driver

Photo Station 3 simplifies sharing images, videos and blogs across the internet. Flexible, customizable image themes, ranking blog design, setting up visitor privileges, RSS feeds, and dazzling. 

Explore 3D images using Cooliris Photo Station 3 to make your cell the center to share the latest lifestyle on the web. Web stations with built-in PHP + MySQL allow users to publish their own websites or install many popular open source programs.

Access the DS210j Driver with your iPhone / Mobile

The iPhone DS Audio application allows Disk Station users to broadcast music stored on a Disk Station with an iPhone / iPod® touch screen device where the Internet is available. Access, while the DS image allows uploading images from the iPhone / iPod® touch to their drive. 

Users with mobile devices running Windows Mobile® 6.0 and iPhone OS Version 2.1.1 or Symbian OS 9.1 can run on "disk stations" to view photos with Mobile Photo Station and read file formats supported by cellular file terminals where Internet access is available.

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Synology DS210j Driver Protects Our Land

Synology Disk Station is designed with the concept of saving energy in mind. Compared to PC server products, Disk Station consumes far less energy than their computer counterparts. Not only does it save you money, but it also saves the earth. 

Disk stations are manufactured with components that are RoHS compliant and packaged Recyclable packaging materials. Synology is aware of its responsibilities. A citizen of the world and continue to work to reduce the environmental effects of the DS210j Driver products that we make.