DS116 Driver

DiskStation DS116 Driver

Synology® DiskStation DS116 Driver is a small NAS server with a single performance with exceptional performance, we offer you a new way to store, share, stream and synchronize data in your daily life. With business applications and mass media, DS116 is designed to increase productivity and allow you to enjoy multimedia content easily. Synology DS116 is also supported by a Synology two year limited warranty.

Optimization of DS116 Driver Price / Ratio

The Synology DS116 is a small multipurpose NAS with high performance and is designed to make everyday data storage simpler than before. With a dual Marvell® ARMADA ™ CPU system and 1GB DDR3 RAM it provides high performance readings of 112.67 MB / s write speeds and speeds of 111.82 MB / s - in the Windows® environment. 

Supported by Drive hardware encryption, the DS116 excels with high-speed encrypted data transfer More than 112.97 MB / s can be read and 93.73 MB / s for writing - making it one of the best people available today. DS116 comes with built-in floating-point support that allows quick mini generation of your photos. 

The USB 3.0 port can double on the back panel providing high-speed data transfer for a variety of external USB devices, including Wi-Fi dongles, printers, external hard drives and more. Supported by many feature-rich applications, DS116 converts hard drives into multi-use storage servers, which not only function as a private cloud for your access anywhere, but also backup devices, online photo albums, local cloud data storage, download 24 hours a day, 7 days a week gate, and more.

Exchange Files Across Platforms and Data Synchronization with DS116 Driver

Synology DS116 supports comprehensive network protocols, ensuring file sharing experience with Windows®, Mac® and Linux® systems. The integration of Windows CE and LDAP let DS116 enter quickly and easily into the current network environment without a user account having to be regenerated. 

Cloud Sync manages Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive, Baidu, and Box stores synchronized with Personal DiskStation at home. The Cloud Station Suite lets you synchronize files between multiple devices - Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS PCs or Android devices / tablets / smartphones - update everything easily. Each file seamlessly shares online protected at a high level of security using HTTPS, a firewall, and an automatic IP block mechanism supported by DS116 Driver.

DS116 Driver with Comprehensive Office Application

With Synology DS116 and rich business applications, you can increase personal productivity and thus be more efficient at work. SpreadSheet allows you to create, edit, and collaborate simultaneously on spreadsheets with many users in any browser and share with a certain group of people without hassle. VPN servers offer easy, changing VPN solutions. 

Your Synology DS116 to a VPN server, provides a safe way to connect to a private LAN from a remote location. The RADIUS server enhances network security by monitoring wireless networks. Authentication access via the RADIUS network (Remote Access User Service) protocol. 

The Surveillance Station provides a centralized interface for managing IP cameras used in your office or home, allowing users who travel miles and miles to protect their personalities. DiskStation DS116 Synology® DiskStation DS116 is a small NAS server with single performance with amazing performance, we offer you a new way to store, share, stream and synchronize data in your daily life. 

With business applications and mass media, DS116 is designed to increase productivity and allow you to enjoy multimedia content easily. Synology DS116 is also supported by a Synology two year limited warranty.

● Compact and quiet, integrating your small office and home
● Dual-core CPU with Drive Encryption hardware
● More than 112.67 MB / s reading, write 111.82 MB / s
● A dual USB 2.0 port exits the warehouse and printer
● Multimedia streaming through a media server supported by DLNA
● LEDs that can be adjusted to the front brightness of the indicator with schedule controls
● Easy to use, operates on the Internet system for all browser highlights.

Environment by watching live shows, recording shows, and recording footage with an iOS / Android computer or device.

Large Multimedia Features of DS116 Driver

With various tools supported by DS116, you no longer manage multimedia content at all that is easier. The Simple Photo Station allows you to easily organize photos of special categories, smart albums, and blog posts, as well as social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Weibo in just a few clicks voice dating station. 

With built-in speaker plug-in, Internet radio, DLNA® support, AirPlay®, and Bluetooth Speaker for quality playback. With the Video Station, you can watch movies and TV shows online or directly through the DS video application on Apple TV.

DS116 Drivers DLNA Media Server are Supported

As a DLNA DMS certified server (digital media server), DS116 acts as a ready-made media server The ability to host digital multimedia content for remote playback. DLNA Compliant devices can access content shared on DS116 on the same local network without displaying privilege settings. 

DS116 does not make your multimedia files accessible only pre-configured, but also converts your mobile device into a remote control of the Synology Mobile Application. Movies, photos and music can be directly broadcast to TV or players, directly from the palm of your hand.

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Availability Anywhere / Anytime with DS116 Driver

QuickConnect and EZ-Internet configure DS116 to be accessed online using minimum voltage. Multimedia content is full access to well-known mobile phones from Synology Applications such as DS photos, DS audio, and DS videos. Download DS, DS files, and DS cloud allow files Download / Access / Sync from anywhere at any time. 

Inside the DS116, there are 60 60 mm fans with intelligent airflow functions that make the system work cold 24x7. DS116 minimum power consumed only 10.68 watts when it reaches and 6.28 watts through the Hibernation machine hard. The DS116 noise damper design makes it quiet compared to the computers of its colleagues. 

Build LAN / WAN support, can turn on / off the scheduled power consumption and operating costs. All Synology products are manufactured in suitable components and can be recycled RoHS packaging materials. Synology recognizes the responsibility of being a global citizen constantly striving to minimize the environmental impact of every DS116 Driver product produced.