DS112 + Drive

Synology DiskStation DS112 + Drive

High-performance DS112+ Drive 1-bay all-in-one NAS server Synology® DiskStation DS112 + provides high-performance, full-featured networks. Storage solutions that help small and medium enterprises in centralized backup, critical protection of assets and sharing files quickly and efficiently. Synology Protects your investment on DS112 + with a two-year limited warranty.

Spotlight DS112 + Drive

● 107.92 MB / s reading, 76.66 MB / s Writing1
● SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 feature
● Device Encryption Machine
● Rich office applications
● Complete backup solution
● Cool and calm design
● Running on Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM)

DS112 + Drive High Performance

Synology DS112 + is designed for business users who request high performance file sharing and running office applications. Synology DS112 + provides read speeds of 107.92 Mbps write speeds of 76.66 Mbps in the Windows® 1 environment, equipped with support for USB 3.0 which provides speeds of up to 5 Gbps, which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0, takes less than DS112 + transfer data to an external hard drive and reduce power consumption.

Peace of Mind with DS112 + Drive Data Encryption

Synology DS112 + is equipped with an encryption engine that unloads the encryption account from the main CPU task, helps increase file transfer speeds on DiskStation. Important data for companies of all sizes. 

The top class features previously only available at enterprise level devices can now be accessed via Synology DS112 + for small and medium businesses. The DS112 + company provides 256-bit AES encryption to help share levels in preventing unauthorized access to the hard drive.

Rich Office Application DS112 + Drive

Synology DS112 + works on the famous Synology operating system DiskStation Manager (DSM) offers applications and features specifically designed for small and medium businesses. The directory server package changed Synology DS112 + on an LDAP-based directory server capable of administration and authentication of centralized user accounts. 

For various applications, thereby increasing network security and reducing management costs. Access to Internet files is simplified by FTP servers and Web-based files Synology DiskStation Station eliminates advanced requirements learned FTP to share Internet files with a few clicks, FTP services can be established in DS112 + Drive. 

The file terminal provides easy file browsing on the DSM desktop, allowing you to move files or copy them without installing any program on your client's computer. The default mail server offers professional mail services sharing USB printers reduces company costs, by sharing print resources throughout the office. Give a VPN server package. An easy VPN solution that turns DS112 + into a VPN server a safe way to connect to a private local area network in a remote location.

DS112 + Drive Complete Backup Solution

The Backup Wizard is provided to back up data from DS112 + to Synology DiskStation or other rsync servers encrypted connections, or to external hard drives via USB 3.0 or eSATA contact wizard also makes it easy to back up DiskStation data to the cloud via Amazon® S3. In addition, users can back up and restore the DiskStation folder in various versions using the Synology time backup package. 

Shared Folder Synchronization allows users to synchronize certain folders from Synology DS112 + to another DiskStation - back up the server to the client. The mechanism that occurs every time there is a change in the server side. Users will be able to share documents in their local location. The office is smooth and safe with an encrypted connection. When you disable DiskStation, you will be able to get your backup to work quickly.

Antivirus Essential
Free Driver
CardDAV Server
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Cloud Station Server
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Directory Server
Free Driver

Energy-Saving Design with Cool and Quiet DS112 + Drive

Synology DS112 + is designed taking into account energy efficiency. Not only does this provide a bigger fan and smart airflow to keep this order working cool 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the noise canceling design makes it very quiet (18.4 dB) compared to their PC counterparts. 

Supports Wake on LAN / WAN, can turn on / off a lot of scheduled power and hibernate hard drives reduce power consumption and operating costs. Synology recognizes the responsibility as a global citizen to continue to work to reduce the environmental impact of every product produced DS112 + Drive.