DS111 Driver

Optimization of DS111 Driver Price / Ratio

The Synology DS111 Driver provides read speeds of 105.59 Mbps in the Windows environment, write 60.71 MB / s. Synology DS111Driver provides a reliable solution for sharing data through an easy-to-use interface, and comprehensive desktop applications, including a complete backup of this solution that makes it one of the best values in the current NAS 1-bay device.

DS111 Easy Driver Setup and Management

For certain users on time and not familiar, the complex router configuration simplifies the EZ-Internet Synology Wizard, the process of setting access to Synology DS111 from the internet. The EZ-internet wizard steps through all settings including firewalls, charging ports, PPPOE settings, and DDNS registrations. 

The multi-task Web user interface DSM 3.0 allows users to run multiple applications simultaneously on one browser tab and immediately switch between them. Extend sub-folder privilege settings to the flexibility to assign permissions to various work groups.

Windows + Mac + Linux Cross Platform File Sharing with DS111 Driver

Synology DS111 is designed to store and share data between Windows, Mac and Linux. Share files seamlessly on various easy operating systems. Windows integration allows ADS with Synology DS111 to quickly and easily enter your current network environment without having to rebuild a user account on Synology DS111.

Peace of Mind with DS111 Driver Data Encryption

Data protection is an important issue for businesses of all sizes. Synology DS111 comes with 256-bit AES encryption to help prevent attempts at unauthorized access to the hard drive. The Synology Mail Station Add-in provides a one-step installation process and enables Synology DS111 to become an email server that supports Outlook-style Webmail, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP. 

Synology Web Station with Virtual Host allows users to host up to 30 sites on a Synology DS111. Provides default PHP + MySQL. The ability to create interactive websites without complicated settings. Synology DS111 supports two USB printers as well as a print server, the Add Printer Wizard simplifies the setup process by using a wizard.

Effort for DS111 Driver Backup File

Synology DS111 provides a targeted and unorganized data center backup target across the network. Computer users can back up their data to Synology DS111 using the free Synology data replicator program, while Mac OS X users enjoy the original Apple® time machine. 

An online backup wizard is provided to back up Synology DS111 data to other Synology DiskStation or other rsync servers via encrypted transfers, or to external hard drives via USB or eSATA contacts. In addition, backing up to the cloud using Amazon® S3 services is also supported.

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DS111 Environmentally Friendly Driver

Synology DiskStation has been designed and developed permanently along with the concept of saving energy. Compared to their normal computer counterparts, Synology DS111 consumes relatively low energy (18.7W) and contains a hibernate hard drive when not in use (7.7W). 

Not only that, it helps save energy but also extends the life of your hard disk. Fred's on / off power feature is scheduled, and the intelligent fan design effectively cools down the system with minimal power consumption, but the system's storage is silent in the process. 

Finally, all Synology products are manufactured in parts that comply with RoHS packaged with recyclable packaging materials. Synology acknowledges that its responsibility as a global citizen has diminished the environmental impact of the Driver DS111 Driver products that we have made.