DS414j Driver

Synology® DiskStation DS414j Driver

Synology® DiskStation DS414j Driver is a budget-friendly 4-bay NAS server specifically designed for small officials and home users to manage, protect and share data. Equipped with comprehensive additional applications, DS414j functions as your all-in-one network storage server for fun and productivity.

DS414j Driver Really Vintage, Very Modern

Reinterpreting from one of Synology's most antique and good industrial designs, DS414j comes with the latest storage technology to meet the needs of both offices and home users. Being the first series in Synology to feature a dual core CPU and SuperSpeed USB, DS414j delivers excellent and outstanding performance in it: an average of 112.28 MB / s reading in the Windows® environment, and 80.38 MB / s writing. 

The integrated floating-point unit enhances the overall capabilities of the main CPU, and is very beneficial in speeding up processing thumbnails, making photos see a refreshing new experience. Synology DS414j is equipped with an encryption engine that issues tasks for calculating encryption far from the main CPU, helping to increase file transfer speeds from within DiskStation. Running on the award-winning DSM Synology operating system, DS414j Driver shares rich application backups that are available at the DSM Package Center.

Windows + Mac + Linux Cross Platform File Sharing with DS414j Driver

Synology DS414j offers comprehensive network protocol support, ensuring unlimited file sharing on the Windows, Mac® and Linux® platforms. Windows Integration AD and LDAP allows Synology DS414j to enter quickly and easily into an existing network environment, without the need to re-create account users. 

Internet file access is simplified by encrypted FTP servers and web-based file explorers, Synology File Station. HTTPS, firewalls, and IP blocking support automatically ensure that file sharing over the Internet is very well protected. Cloud Station allows users to synchronize files between many devices, including Windows Tablets, PCs, Macs, Linux, iOS and Android ™, keeping everything up-to-date easily.

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Effective DS414j Driver Backup Solution

Synology DS414j offers a centralized backup target to consolidate fragmented and unstructured data across the network. PC users can return their data to Synology DS414j using Synology Data Replicator software, and Mac OS X® users enjoy integration Original Apple® Time Machine®. 

A backup wizard is provided to back up data from other Synology DS414j to NAS Synology, to another rsync server, or to an external drive. Backing up to Amazon S3® and Glacier cloud services is also supported. 

Time Backup makes DiskStation data in various versions, becoming an IT administrator can easily track them and return to the previous version whenever needed. Shared Folder Synchronization allows users to synchronize certain folders from Synology DS414j to another DiskStation - a server-to-client backup mechanism that occurs whenever there is a change on the server side in DS414j Driver. 

Users will be able to share documents in their local office seamlessly and securely with an encrypted connection. When your DiskStation is down, you will be able to have your backup run immediately. With DS414j you can easily manage multimedia content and share it on all Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. 

Intuitive Photo Station design allows you to easily organize photos of categories, smart albums and blog posts, and link to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Plurk and Picasa in a few sites click. The Audio Station is equipped with the default lyrics plugin, Internet radio, and support for DLNA®, AirPlay®, and Bluetooth speakers for quality playback. With the Video Station, you can watch movies and TV shows online or record your favorite programs with DVB-T or DVB-S sticks. 

Synology provides a mobile application that allows you to fully enjoy your various multimedia libraries even while traveling, allowing you to grab your personal album, music and video collection at home in DS414j Driver. 

Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms, DS photos +, audio DS, and DS videos mobilize Photo Station, Your Audio Station and Video Station, placing terabyte content at your fingertips. What's more, DS downloads allow you to manage and monitor downloading tasks remotely while you can access DS414j Driver content with DS files whenever needed.

DS414j Driver Save Energy with Cool and Quiet Design

All Synology NAS are designed with good energy efficiency in mind. Not only does the DS414j provide two 80 X 80 mm fans and intelligent air flow while the system works 24 hours 24/7, the sound damper design makes it really quiet compared to the PC. 

Build in LAN / WAN support, some scheduled / dead power can reduce your power consumption and operating costs. Synology acknowledges the responsibility as a global citizen to continue working to reduce the environmental impact of every DS414j Driver product produced.