DS409 Driver

Disk Station DS409 Driver

Synology Disk Station DS409 is designed to provide for users? flexible solution to share? tutoring and increasing productivity. Equipped with Synology Disk Station Manager 2.2, it provides ease of use and various features. In addition, users can also use a 2.5 "hard drive on the DS409, making DS409 quieter, more power efficient and reliable.

DS409 Driver Sharing & Backup of Orthless Files

Synology Disk Station is designed to store and share data between Windows, Mac, and Linux. Smooth for different operating systems e? orthless process. Synology 2 o File Station? is there an innovative user interface with drag-n-drop capabilities and right-click of users not familiar with FTP to easily access? tutoring with a web browser. Synology Data Replicator 3 allows Windows users to back up desktop data to Synology Disk Station. Immediately, Scheduled Synchronization and Backup is fully supported.

Download DS409 Driver

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DHCP Server : Download
Directory Server : Download
DNS Server : Download

Key Features DS409 Driver

● Cold and calm
● Power Savings (16W ~ 42.9W) Sent with Disk Station Manager 2.2 who provides:
● AJAX Based Management Interface
● Remote File Management with the Web Browser
● Mail Station add-on with one step installation
● IP camera support
● Hosting a Website with PHP + MySQL Support
● Share a USB Printer
● 3rd Application Integration

The Synology Mail Station Add-on provides a one-step installation and allows the Synology Technology Station to become an email server that supports Web mails such as Outlook, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP. The Synology Web Station with the Virtual Host option allows users to host up to 30 websites on a Synology Disk Station. Synology Disk Station supports two USB printers simultaneously, and the Simpli Add Printer Wizard? Prepare the process with the witch.

3rd Application Integration DS409 Driver

Following the "Guide to Synology Third Party NAS Server Integration Applications" on the Synology website, users can customize their Synology Disk Stations by installing their favorite applications.

Synology Disk Station DS409 is designed and developed continuously with the concept of energy saving. Compared to the average PC colleague, Synology Disk Station consumes power and relatively low amounts of hibernation when not in use. 

Synology Disk Station really got the nickname "green product" because of the unique Scheduled Power On / O? features, and smart fan design e? effectively cools the system with minimum power consumption to keep the system operating. Synology recognizes its responsibility as a global citizen and continues to strive to reduce the environmental impact of the products  DS409 we make.