DS215 +

Dual-Core and DS215 + Dual-LAN Performance

Synology DS215 + comes with a powerful dual-core CPU with hardware encryption engine, 1GB RAM, and two Gigabit LAN ports, providing outstanding performance results for small and medium business users. 

With link aggregation, the Synology DS215 + can provide read and write speeds of up to 209.61 MB / s and 139.42 MB / s each under a RAID 1 configuration in a Windows®.1 Environment Powered by a hardware encryption engine, DS215 + provides fast encrypted data transmission speeds of up to 145.78MB / s of 71.21MB / s.1 reading and writing. Dual LAN also supports failover mechanisms, ensuring continuous network services in the event of a LAN failure.

Cross-Platform File Sharing and DS215 + Cellular Access

Comprehensive network protocol support ensures seamless file sharing on Windows, Mac® and Linux® platforms. The Windows ADS integration allows Synology DS215 + to quickly and easily enter the existing business network environment no need to re-create user accounts. Windows ACL support provides much better information on access control and efficient privilege settings, allowing users to enjoy a genuine Windows experience. 

The Home Feature User minimizes administrators' efforts to create private shared folders for a large number of users. Internet file access is simplified by encrypted FTP servers and Station-based web files. Whatever is stored Synology DS215 + can be accessed remotely using the DS file.

24/7 Security Solutions with DS215 +

The Synology Monitoring Station offers a centralized interface for managing IP cameras used in your office or home, allowing users to travel for miles to be protected by watching live shows can, record shows, and take photos on a computer or mobile device. 

DS215 + is the ideal surveillance solution capable of hosting up to 25 IP cameras (750 FPS @ 720p). In addition to its intuitive settings and hassle-free interface, the Surveillance Station has a direct display optimized experience with on-screen operations, intelligent analysis tools such as motion detection, and alert systems that send instant notifications via DS cameras, SMS, and e-mail. 

DS215 + Rich Office Application

Synology DS215 + operates within the award-winning operating system, Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), which offers comprehensive applications and features specifically designed for groups in office and business work. Mail Server changes Synology DS215 + to become a special mail service provider for the Letter Station, providing a webmail interface for users to access e-mail stored on Synology DS215 +. 

VPN Server Packages offer an easy VPN solution that converts your Synology DS215 + to a VPN server, providing a secure way to connect to a private LAN in a remote location. RADIUS Server strengthens network security by monitoring wireless access authentication through RADIUS (User Dial-In Remote Authentication Services) network protocols.

Easy Backup Solution with DS215 +

To protect your valuable data, inside DS215 + can be a centralized backup for the purpose of consolidating fragmented and unstructured information on your network through various options. Cloud Station with selective synchronization and ACL control provides backup and real-time data synchronization of many computers and mobile devices. Complete backup solutions like Backup & Replication minimize the impact of disasters.

Energy-saving design with DS215 +

Synology DS215 + is designed taking into account energy efficiency. Compared to the average PC partner, the Synology DS215 + consumes relatively little power at 20.77 watts at access and 8.96 watts when hibernating the hard drive is activated. 

Waking up on the LAN / WAN and scheduled power on / off reduces consumption power and operating costs. Synology recognizes the responsibility as a global citizen to continue working to reduce the environmental impact of every DS215 + manufactured product.