DS214 + Driver

DiskStation DS214 +

Synology® DiskStation DS214 + is a high-performance dual-core NAS server for SMB users. Well designed for multitasking applications, DS214 + provides high performance, energy efficiency and complete business features in attached network storage solutions that help small and midsize companies collect reserves, protect important assets, and share files quickly and efficiently.

Dual-Core Performance and Dual LAN Synology DS214 +

Performance is the key for SMB users. Synology DS214 + comes with a dual-core CPU with a 1-GB floating-point unit default DDR3 RAM, dual LAN ports, SuperSpeed ​​USB3.0 and new Drive, providing unparalleled system performance between the two Gulf NAS Devices available today. 

The floating unit has increased overall CPU capacity to enable the highest work efficiency. With twice the size of the previous RAM, DS214 + displays Batch surprises in multitasking performance. Under link aggregation, DS214 + provides more than 153MB / s write speeds under the Windows® RAID 1 Environment configuration, and more than 208MB / s per read Also supports binary LANs. The failure mechanism, ensures continuous network service in case the local network fails.

Share DS214 + Cross Platform Files and Cellular Access

Comprehensive network protocol support ensures smooth file sharing through Windows, Mac®, and Linux®. Windows, ADS, and LDAP. Integration allows Synology DS214 + to quickly and easily enter the menu. Network environment without having to re-create user accounts. 

Windows ACL support provides more precise control over access and powerful privileged features, allowing users to enjoy genuine Windows operating systems. Experience Access to Internet files is simplified by encrypted FTP servers on the Internet File Station. HTTPS, the default firewall, supports automatic IP sets in DS214 +. 

Ensure that sharing files over the Internet is protected with high security. Anything stored on Synology DS214 + can now access remotely using DS files. Synology® DiskStation DS214 + is a high-performance dual-core NAS server for SMB users. 

Well designed for multitasking applications, DS214 + offers high performance, energy efficiency and complete business features in attached network storage solutions that help small and midsize companies collect reserves, protect important assets.

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Fast and Efficient File Sharing with DS214 +

● The dual-core CPU is powered by a Floating Point Unit
● 208 MB / s read, 153 MB / s Writing1
● 2 LANs with failures and support links for assembly
● SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 support
● Device encryption
● Engine room design without engine support is fast and interchangeable
● Works on the Highlight Synology DiskStation (DSM) Manager

DS214 + Rich Office applications

Synology DS214 + works on the award-winning Synology operating system Director DiskStation (DSM), which offers a comprehensive application Features designed specifically for office and business workgroups. Cloud Station allows users to synchronize files between several devices, including Tablet PCs running Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android, easily updating everything. 

The Mail Server package runs on the transformation of Synology DS214 + to a dedicated mail service provider, providing a post office Web Mail interface for users to access email messages stored at Synology DS214 +. 

VPN Server packages offer an easy VPN solution that converts Synology DS214 + DS214 + to a VPN server, providing a safe way to connect private LANs in remote locations. RADIUS server improves network. Security by controlling access to wireless authentication through RADIUS Protocol to connect from user to service). 

With regard to environmental security, the Synology Control Station is provided with a centralized interface for managing IP cameras that are used in your office or office and home, allowing users to travel for miles to protect the environment. By watching live shows, recording shows, and taking screenshots of computers or iOS / Android devices.

Effective backup solution with DS214 +

Synology DS214 + provides a central backup target for combining distributed and unstructured data through the network. PC users can return data to Synology DS214 + Using the Synology Data Replicator program, Mac OS X Users enjoy the original integration of Apple® Time Machine®. 

The Backup Wizard is provided to back up data from DS214 + to another Synology DiskStation or any rsync server via an encrypted connection, or to an external hard drive via USB 3.0 or eSATA connection in DS214 +. 

This operator or agent also makes it easy to back up DiskStation data to the cloud via Amazon S3 ™ cloud service or Glacier. In addition, users can back up and restore Folders with DiskStation in various versions using the Synology Time Backup Agreement. Shared Folder Synchronization allows users to synchronize certain folders from Synology DS214 + to another disk - Backup from server to client Mechanism that occurs when something is changed Server side. 

Users will be able to share documents in their local office seamlessly and securely with an encrypted connection. When you have DiskStation. Below, you can run a direct backup at any time. Energy efficiency with cool and calm design. Synology DS214 + is designed taking into account efficiency energy. 

Not only does it provide a 92 x 92 mm fan and smart airflow to keep the system running Cool 24/7, the noise-toning design makes it very quiet compared to PC Partners. Supports multiple scheduled / dead and steel power The hibernation engine can reduce power consumption and operation costs. Acknowledging Synology's responsibility as a global citizen to continue working is reduced The environmental impact of each DS214 + product is produced.