Synology RackStation RS810 + / RS810RP +

The RS810+ NAS server mounted 4-bay All-in-1 High Scalable 4-bay for Users of the SMB Synology® RackStation RS810 + / RS810RP + 1 offers a high-performance, scalable, and full-featured storage solution for rackmounted networks that meet the needs of small and medium businesses requires an efficient way to centralize data protection, simplify data management, and quickly increase storage capacity with minimal time spent on settings and management. The Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + is supported by a 5-year limited warranty from Synology.

High RS810 + Performance, High Data Availability

Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + produces an average of 112MB / sec speed readings under a RAID 5 configuration in the Windows® environment, and 107MB / second writing. The hard drive is hot-swappable to ensure continuous uptime service if the drive needs to be replaced. Business needs are a strong foundation for dealing with very important tasks and can depend on Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + to provide high performance and high availability data.

RS810 + Strong & Affordable Scalability Up to 24 TB

When the storage capacity of Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + is getting closer to its capacity limit, it can be easily expanded with Synology RX410 expansion enclosures. Synology RX410 is securely connected to Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + via an eSATA cable with specially designed locking connectors. 

Synology RX410 extends the existing Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + storage to a maximum capacity of 24 TB. RS810 + / RS810RP + RX410 Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + provides AES 256-bit level-sharing encryption to block unauthorized access attempts. Intelligent data checking features ensure the security of encryption keys is complex enough to be worthy of protection. 

Block-based iSCSI Target Support for Windows / Mac / Linux Initiators Using the support of iSCSI block level targets in DiskStation Manager 2.3, Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + provides unlimited compatibility with Windows / Mac® / Linux initiators or Virtual Machine Servers and fast performance for file transfer. Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + closed the gap for businesses with limited IT budgets but needed a level of enterprise features such as virtual storage capabilities.

Flexible RAID Management with RS810 +

Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) is a type of intelligent volume that is optimized in volume size when combining hard disks with various capacities. When set up as a standard volume type in DSM 2.3, SHR provides data protection with one disk fault tolerance and flexibility to expand to optimal volume space when additional hard disks are inserted into the array, while still offering manual setup options for advanced users. 

Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + serves as a centralized backup target to consolidate fragmented and unstructured data across the network. Easily integrate into current network structures and are compatible with Windows®, Mac®, and Linux Systems, providing RS810 + / RS810RP + all office data redundancy and protection. 

PC users can back up their data to the Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + using the free Synology Data Replicator Software, while Mac OS X users enjoy the original Apple® Time Integration® machine. A backup wizard is also provided to back up data in other RS810 + / RS810RP + to Synology DiskStation or other rsync servers through encrypted transmission. Continuing the option, the wizard also makes it easy to backup to the cloud via Amazon® S3.

Full Featured Business Application RS810 +

Running on an award-winning system, Synology DiskStation Manager 2.3, Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + provides users with critical business applications and features, including cross-platform file sharing between Windows®, Mac®, and Linux®. The Windows ADS integration allows Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + to match a business network with an environment without the need to re-create a user account. 

Remote access is simplified with the included encrypted FTP server and web-based file explorer, Synology File Station 3. HTTPS, built-in firewall, and automatic IP block support ensure that file sharing over the Internet is protected at a high level of security. Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + helps reduce IT costs when replaced by several pieces of network hardware. 

Synology Web Station with support for PHP / MySQL content allows hosting of up to 30 websites on a single Synology RS810 + / RS810RP +. The Synology Surveillance Station offers a centralized interface to protect every part of the business by deploying camera IP across the network. Add-on Station Letters change Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + to email servers.

Energy Saving Design RS810 +

Synology Racknology was designed and developed with energy efficiency in mind. Compared to the average server, Synology RS810 + / RS810RP + consumes a relatively low power of 68 watts only operating. Wake on LAN / WAN support, scheduled power on / off and hard drive hibernation help reduce consumption power and operating costs. 

All Synology products are manufactured with components that are RoHS compliant and packaged with recycled packaging materials. Synology acknowledges our responsibility as global citizens to continue working to reduce the environmental impact of each Synology RS810 + product produced.