Synology RackStation RS411

The RS411 1U Rackmounted NAS Server with Optimal Price / Performance Ratio for Business The RackStation RS411 Synology working group is designed to provide business workgroups with flexible file sharing solutions and increase productivity. The advanced Synology DiskStation Manager 3.0 provides the ideal solution for cross-platform file sharing, secure server backup, Windows ADS integration, business mail server, and company supervision.

RS411 Highlight

● Optimal Price / Performance Ratio
● Cross Platform File Sharing & Backup
● Suitable for the Business Environment
● 2 LANs with Failover Support and Aggregation Links
● Power saving with Operation only 53W
● Affordable Total Cost of Ownership

RS411 High Data Availability with Optimal Performance

Synology RS411 delivers an average reading speed of 107.75MB / sec under a RAID 5 configuration in the Windows® environment, and 47.71MB / second of writing. 2 LANs with failover support and hot-swappable drives will ensure continuous service uptime if the drive needs replacement or unexpected LAN failure occurs. Business requires a strong foundation to deal with very important tasks so that Synology RS411 provides high data availability with optimal performance ensuring access when needed.

RS411 is very suitable for the business environment

Synology RS411 is designed for storing data and sharing files Windows, Mac, and Linux. Sharing unlimited files in different operating systems is an easy process. Windows ADS integration even allows Synology RS411 to quickly and easily enter networks that have an environment without the need to re-create a user account at Synology RS411.

RS411 Cross Platform File Sharing & Backup

Synology RS411 offers a centralized backup target to consolidate fragmented and unstructured data across the network. PC users can back up their data to Synology RS411 using the free Synology Data Replicator software, while Mac OS X users enjoy the original Apple® Time Machine integration.

A web-based backup guide is provided to back up Synology RS411 data to Synology DiskStation, RackStation or another rsync server through encrypted transmission, or to an external hard drive via a USB or eSATA connection. In addition, backing up to the cloud using the Amazon® S3 Service is also supported.

Full featured business application with RS411

Internet file access is simplified by encrypted FTP servers, web-based File Browsers and File Stations. HTTPS support, firewalls, and IP auto-block ensure sharing files over the Internet is protected at a high level of security.

Many additional features allow Synology RS411 to replace several pieces of network hardware. Synology Web Station with support for PHP / MySQL Content allows hosting of up to 30 websites in one Synology RS411 site.

The Synology Supervision Station offers a centralized interface to protect the office environment by using IP cameras throughout the network. Add-on Station Letters turn Synology RS411 into a mail server with only a few steps of installation, and sharing USB printers the ability to minimize the cost of printing business by sharing printing resources throughout the office.

RS411 Energy Saving Design

Synology Racknology was designed and developed with energy efficiency in mind. Compared to the average server, Synology RS411 consumes a relatively low amount of power at 53 watts in operation. Power on / off support and scheduled hibernation hard drives help reduce power consumption and operating costs.

All Synology products are manufactured with components that are RoHS compliant and packaged with recycled packaging materials. Synology acknowledges our responsibility as global citizens to continue working to reduce the environmental impact of each Synology RS411 product produced.