Presto Automator

Presto Automator

The Presto Automator Supported by Synology Internet Transfer Accelerator (SITA), Synology Presto Automator is a desktop client designed to automate and manage high-speed transfer tasks between local directories and some Presto File Servers according to a set schedule. 

To install Presto Automator: Open the Download Center to download and install Presto. Run the installer with administrative rights and check the Presto Automator check box (administrative permission is required). 

Click the Install button (click Cancel to stop the installation at any time). To delete Presto Automator: On a Windows computer: Go to Start> All Programs> Uninstall Synology Presto Automator. Choose a language for wizards. Click Next to continue. 

Administrative rights are required to install Presto Automator. If you want to install Presto Automator later, run the same installer with administrative rights and follow the steps mentioned above. Presto Automator does not support OTP login (one-time password). Presto Automator supports the use of different accounts to connect to the same Presto File Server.

Manage Basic Settings Presto Automator

The Presto Automator intuitive design allows you to easily view and manage basic settings. Just click in the upper right corner and select the Activity log, Settings, Help, and About options in the context menu for each view of the activity log, change the display language, read the Help article, and see this version of the desktop tool. 

Transfer rules for a task can be adjusted to optimize transfer speeds and control bandwidth better. To create a task: Click in the upper left corner and enter the IP address or DDNS name, user name, and password from the Synology Presto Target Server (or click the drop-down menu to choose from saved credentials). Click Next. 

After Presto Automator connects to the server, configure general settings, transfer schedules, task settings, and transfer settings: General Settings: Set the name of the task, transfer direction - from local to server (e.g., Upload) or from server to local (e.g. Download ), and see and select local and remote directories. Transfer Schedule: Transfer tasks at a certain time and date, or after the automatic assignment has finished transferring. 

Bandwidth and resources can be better controlled when the task is set to be transferred after the previous task. Note: Checking the Repeat check every hour check box until it is possible to check the source folder status every hour during the transfer process, thereby ensuring data consistency. Task Settings: Filter files or set transfer behavior by doing the following: Filter file types: Enter and manage file extensions to prevent file transfers with certain extensions. 

Set transfer behavior for downloads: Select to save or delete files if the selected local folder contains files that are not on the server. Set transfer behavior after upload: Select to move data transferred from the computer or move it to another local directory after the transfer is successful. Transfer Settings: Adjust the transfer rules by doing the following: Max. concurrency transfer: Sets the maximum number of files that can be transferred simultaneously (only integers between 1 and 10 are allowed). 

Transfer speed: Activate and set the maximum and minimum transfer rates for automatic transfer tasks. The value must be an integer between 0 and 999999, where 0 means unlimited. Encryption and compression: Check the box to encrypt and / or compress automatic transfer tasks. File name conflict policy: Select one of the following options when a file name conflict occurs: Overwrite: Overwrite the existing file. This is the default option in Presto Automator. 

Overwrite if the file size is different or the source is newer: The destination file will be overwritten if the size of the destination and source files is different, or if the time for modifying the source file is newer. Skip: Ignore downloading or uploading conflict files. Rename: Transfer conflict files but rename them by adding a numeric number at the end of the file name. Click Finish to complete.

Manage Tasks Presto Automator

After the task is created, the server address and account are displayed on the panel. Tasks that upload or download data to or from the same server are grouped together and listed in a foldable panel. Just click to view and manage tasks. To edit the server: Mouse over the server you want to edit, and click the top right corner of the panel. Change the server address, username, and password in the pop-up window. 

Click Apply to save changes, or click Delete Server to delete the server. To edit a task: Select the task listed on the server panel and then click the Edit Task button. All transfer task settings can be modified here, and all changes are automatically remembered when switching between different tabs. Click Apply to save and apply changes. 

Presto Automator does not support editing or server tasks in batches. To delete a task: Select one or more tasks listed in the server panel and click the Delete button (long press Shift or Ctrl key to select several tasks). Click OK to confirm. Please note that this action cannot be undone. To perform a task: Select one or more tasks listed on the server panel and click the Run Now button (long press Shift or Ctrl key to select several tasks). Click OK to confirm. 

To view task information: Task information including job name, transfer status, next transfer time, data source, and destination folder is displayed on the server panel. Task Name: Shows the name of the task. Current Status: A task is in one of the following statuses at once: Success: Data was successfully transferred at the time displayed. Transfer: Data is currently being transferred. 

Mouse over the status to see the speed and transfer queue. Error: Data failed to transfer, possibly due to authentication failure or missing source path. Linking: Presto Automator connects back to the server to continue the task. This status occurs when the network connection is unstable or disabled. Never used: Hyphen - indicates that the task has not been executed. 

Transfer Time Next: Shows the next transfer time. A red line - appears during the following conditions: A task is scheduled to be transferred after the previous task has been successfully transferred; however, if the previous task has been deleted, a red hyphen will appear, and the transfer will not succeed. 

When this happens, please click Edit Task> Transfer Schedule to change the schedule. Source: Shows the data source path. Click Edit Tasks> General Settings to edit the source. Purpose: Indicates the folder where the data will be transferred. Click Edit Tasks> General Settings to edit the destination folder in Presto Automator.