Photos and Videos

Photos and Videos

In the Moment Photos and Videos, you can switch between the Photos and Album tabs to browse photos and videos in various modes. When uploading photos or videos to Synology Moments through a web interface or mobile device, each uploaded item will be uploaded to a folder called Web or Mobile under the home / Drive / Moments folder.

Photos can be added in the following ways: To upload using Synology Drive: Upload photos and videos to Synology Drive by adding them to My Drive / Moment, and viewing them in the Moment. To upload using Moments: You can upload photos and videos to Moments by doing one of the following.

Click the Add icon in the upper right corner of the homepage and select Upload to upload photos and videos. Drag and drop files into the Synology Moment from the local desktop; however, this feature is not allowed in automatically created albums, which include albums named Shared, People, Subjects, Places, Tags, Videos, and Recently Added.

To back up using Moments: With iOS / Android Moments, you can upload photos and videos through automatic / manual photo backup or upload from iOS / Android devices. Please refer to the Help article for iOS / Android Moments for more details. To upload using file sharing protocols: Each user can upload photos and videos to home / Drive / Moments in File Station or from other file sharing protocols.

To upload from the desktop: Download the Synology Drive utility in the Download Center and configure one-way uploads or two-way synchronization to upload or synchronize your photos and videos.

When duplicate files are uploaded, you can choose Ignore or Rename by going to Settings> General. After the Moments folder name is renamed on Synology Drive or other protocol files, all photos and videos will not be accessible from Moments. Re-indexing is required if the folder name is changed back to Moments.

Browse Photos and Videos

Click the Photos tab on the homepage to browse all your photos and videos. To display all photos and videos in My Drive: Click the Account icon> Settings> General and check the Show all photos and videos stored on my Drive Synology Drive check box. Only photos in My Drive will be displayed, while those in Team Folders will not be displayed.

To switch display modes: Open the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the Photos tab to switch between the following display modes: Timeline display: All photos and videos are displayed based on the date created. Mouse over the scroll bar on the right to see the time indicator and jump to a certain time period.

Information on the location of the photo is displayed when GPS coordinates are available, and displayed in descending order according to the location of taking the most photos on the same day. Folder View: All photos and videos are displayed following the folder hierarchy in my Drive Synology Drive.

You can go to Settings> General> Display> Timeline display mode> View by month to adjust the display mode and view photos in a smaller display size. To activate the Shared Photo Library: The Shared Photo Library allows admins and users with permission to collaboratively edit photos and albums from other sources.

Open the Enable Shared Photo Library section at Share and Search to learn how to allow other account users to access photos and videos from other sources. To view and edit lightbox information: Click the Details icon to open the information panel. View or edit the following lightbox information. Please note that only dates, descriptions and tags can be edited and saved to metadata.

Date: The date when the photo was taken, or the date when the photo was changed if the date of taking the photo is unknown. File names and basic information: Includes file names, resolutions, and file sizes. GPS coordinates and maps: Location information is displayed when GPS coordinates are available.

Basic EXIF ​​information: Includes camera, aperture, ISO and lens. Person: The faces in the photo are identified by the system. Click certain people to go to the album. Tags: Tags can be added as keywords from photos. Photos with the same tag will grouped together and displayed on Albums> Tags.

In Moments, geographic information in the timeline or detailed information comes from reverse geocoding from coordinates through the OpenStreetMap® open source database, with data provided by © OpenStreetMap contributors. To deactivate reverse geocoding, open Settings and deactivate the Places album.

You can go to Settings> General> Display> Map source to change the map source that is displayed when the photo is viewed in full screen. To view basic information when browsing in full screen: You can check the date, location, and description of your photos or videos when they are in slide show mode.

To deactivate this feature, click Settings> General and uncheck the Display time, location, and description options when viewing photos in full screen. To view 360-degree photos and videos: Enter 360-degree keywords into the search bar, and click the recommended results to view all 360-degree photos and videos. The file will be marked as 360 degrees if the video metadata or EXIF ​​photo contains a 360 degree format (ProjectionType = "equirectangular").

Edit Photos and Videos

To edit the date and time of photos and videos in batches: Select the photos and videos you want to edit. Click the Other icon and select Edit date and time to adjust the date and time. Select Shift date and time or Set one date and time then open the Modify time section to set a new date and time. Click OK to apply changes.

The edited date and time will be updated to the original file. To edit photo and video tags in batches: Select the photos and videos you want to edit. Click the Other icon and select Edit tag. Delete or add tags according to your needs, then click OK to apply changes. The edited date and time will be updated to the original file.

To add photos or videos to an album: Select your photos and videos and click the Add icon to the album in the upper right corner of the action bar. Add selected photos and videos to an existing album or new album. The album name can be edited when a new album is added. To share photos and videos: Select the items you want to share and click the Share icon on the action bar to edit the privacy settings and shared users.

Click Finish to share items with other people. Selected photos and videos will be grouped into newly created virtual albums, and can be accessed with a shared link. To rotate a photo: Click the Other icon and select Play when viewing a photo in full screen. Choose Right 90 °, Left 90 °, or 180 ° to rotate the photo according to your needs.

To play a slideshow: To start a slideshow, click the photo or video and click the Other icon in the upper right corner and select Slideshow. To re-index photos and videos: Click the Account icon> Settings> General. Select the index reset option. Click the Index Reset button to start indexing all previously indexed folders in Photos and Videos.