Manage Contacts

Manage Contacts

On the Manage Contact page, we can add new contacts, edit contact information, and manage contacts by sorting them into groups. To add a new contact: Click Add contact. Fill in the details for the new contact. Must enter at least a name. Add contacts to the group by clicking the Add to group icon and select the existing group and click Apply. 

To edit contacts: Click on a contact so it is highlighted with the blue one. Click any field on the right to add or edit information. We can choose several contacts to make a letter, Add to group, or Delete. To create a contact group: Click the '+' icon next to the Group. Give your group a name and click OK to save your group. 

Your contact group will appear in the list on the left. You can then click the gray box next to your group name and choose a color for your group. To create a joint contact (Administrator only): You can share with MailPlus users all email addresses under the domain that join Synology NAS that runs MailPlus Server. Enter Synology NAS that runs MailPlus Server with administrator credentials.

Managing Contacts with MailPlus users

Open the Control Panel> Domain / LDAP> Domain. Select Join domain and join Synology NAS to the desired domain. Click Apply to save domain settings. Then, open the MailPlus Server and click SMTP in the left pane. Go to General to make sure Enable SMTP is selected and the type of Account set to Domain Users. 

Click Apply to save the settings. All email addresses under the domain will appear under Shared Contacts for each MailPlus user. note: Only domain administrators have the privilege of editing, deleting, and importing shared contacts. MailPlus users can only view and export the contacts that are shared. 

To add a shared contact to your contact group: Select one or more shared contacts that are displayed in the middle panel. Add selected shared contacts to your contact group in any way: Drag and drop to the contact group in the left panel. Click Add to group, select the desired contact group, and click Apply. 

To search for contacts: In the search bar, enter some information about the contact you are looking for, whether it's their name, place of work, or address. Press Enter to run your search. To import or export contacts: Click the Other icon above your contact list. Import: Click Import and select the vCard or Google CSV file to import. Then click OK. Export: Click Export to export all or selected contacts to the vCard file by Managing Contacts.