Indexing Service

Indexing Service

The Indexing Service Media can automatically scan multimedia files, such as photos, music, and videos stored on your Synology NAS, and compile them into a multimedia library for use by multimedia applications. You can also set thumbnail quality for photos and videos, manage conversion settings for videos, and create indexed folders to be accessed by DMA devices and DSM multimedia applications.

Media Indexing Service

Indexing Media can automatically scan multimedia files stored on your Synology NAS. These files will be compiled into a media library to be indexed, and allow browsing and playback by DMA devices and Synology multimedia applications (eg Media Servers, Video Stations, Audio Stations, Photo Stations, and iTunes Servers).

Managing the Indexing Service Folder

To index existing folders or create indexed folders: Go to Control Panel> Indexing Services> Media Indexing. Click Indexed Folder> Create> Select, and do one of the following: To index an existing folder: Select the desired folder in the list, and click Select.

To create indexed folders: Select the parent folder on the list. Click Create folder to specify the name of the folder, and click OK. Then select the folder created and click Select. Select file types (e.g. Photos, Music and Videos) for indexing. Only files of indexed type that allow access from DMA devices and Synology multimedia applications. Click OK to start indexing.

The default shared folder (e.g. Music) created for Synology multimedia applications is indexed automatically, while other folders can only be manually indexed. Remote folders installed using Station Files cannot be added as indexed folders. External storage devices must be re-indexed every time your Synology NAS is restarted in Indexing Service.

To edit indexed folders: Open the Control Panel> Indexing Services> Media Indexing> Indexed Folders. In the pop-up window, select the desired folder. Click Edit, and make changes to the settings. Click OK and then click Save. To delete a folder from a list of indexed folders: The deleted folder will be indexed.

Multimedia files contained will not be accessible by DMA devices and Synology multimedia applications. Open the Control Panel> Indexing Services> Media Indexing> Indexed Folders. In the pop-up window, select the unwanted folder. To select several unwanted folders, press and hold Shift or Ctrl during the selection. Click Delete.

Click Yes and then click Save. The deleted folder will not be deleted from your Synology NAS. To re-index multimedia files: If the index structure is missing, re-indexing indexed folders helps reconstruct the structure. Go to Control Panel> Indexing Services> Indexing Media. Click Index Reset to index all previously indexed folders again. Multimedia files added to indexed folders via the NFS or SCP protocol will not be scanned automatically. To index files like that, click Re-index.

Multimedia File Conversion Indexing Service

To set thumbnail quality: Thumbnails will automatically be generated for photos / videos uploaded for use with Media Server or Photo Station. You can set the thumbnail quality here. Open the Control Panel> Indexing Services> Media Indexing> Small Image Settings. Select quality from the drop-down menu. Click Apply. Creating high-quality thumbnails will require more time.

To upload a large number of photos / videos to your Photo Station Library, we recommend using the Photo Station Uploader (Synology desktop utility available in the Download Center) for quick thumbnail creation. To enable video conversion for mobile devices: Videos in a photo sharing folder (dedicated to Photo Stations) can be played on your mobile device if converted properly.

Open the Control Panel> Indexing Services> Media Indexing> Video Settings. Select Enable video conversion for mobile devices. Click Apply, and you will be able to see videos on your mobile device while traveling. Only videos are uploaded to the shared photo folder on the Photo Station which can be converted to formats supported by mobile devices.

MP4 files will not be converted. To see the progress of photo / video conversion: When a photo or video is uploaded to the Synology NAS, click the Conversion Progress icon that appears in the upper right corner of the taskbar.

In the pop-up window, do one of the following: In the Conversion Progress section, monitor the progress and status of thumbnail creation done in the background. To pause the conversion, follow the steps below: Select Pause for [number] hours from the drop-down menu and click Pause to pause progress. Conversion progress will continue after the specified delay time.

Or, you can click Continue to proceed immediately. Because the progress of conversion demands higher CPU resources, pausing processes can save system resources for any ongoing tasks. When the conversion process is complete, the icon on the taskbar will lose the Indexing Service.