DS716 + II

DiskStation DS716 + II

The Diskstaktion DS716 + II meet your needs for secure data storage and sharing ultra high definition videos Synology DiskStation DS716 + II. Compact but powerful, the DS716 + II is equipped with an Intel® quad-core CPU with AES-NI hardware encryption engine and 2GB RAM, it provides outstanding performance and acceleration of data encryption along with real-time transcoding from 4K Ultra HD source content. Synology DiskStation DS716 + II is supported by a 3-year limited warranty from Synology

Compact Storage Server with Extraordinary Performance DS716 + II

Synology DiskStation DS716 + II is designed for small offices that pursue a concise but powerful
shared storage solution, featuring a built-in Intel® Celeron® quad-core processor AES-NI hardware encryption engine, 2GB DDR3 RAM, and up to 7 storage scalability drive with the Synology DX5132 Expansion Unit. 

With Aggregation Link activated, DS716 + II giving up to an average reading of 226.1 MB / s and writing speed of 141.19 MB / s under RAID 1 configuration in the Windows® environment, and in encrypted data transmission at more than 226.09 MB / s reads and with 138.04 MB / s writing.1 DS716 + II comes with 3 USB 3.0 ports both on the front and rear panels, providing speed and convenient and backup data transfer to external storage devices. 

Dual Gigabit LAN with failover support and hot-swappable drive tray design ensures uptime of ongoing service during unexpected drive replacement or LAN failure. The High Availability Manager ensures smooth the transition between clustered servers in the event of a server failure with minimal impact application to reduce the risk of unexpected disruptions and expensive downtime.

DS716 + II in Btrfs: Next Generation Storage Efficiency

DS716 + II introduces the Btrfs file system, bringing the most advanced storage technology
to meet the needs of modern business management:

● Default data integrity checks detect data and file system damage with data and meta-data checksum and increase overall stability.
● Flexible Shared Folders / User Quota Systems provide comprehensive active quota control all user accounts and shared folders.
● Advanced snapshot technology with a customizable backup schedule allows up to 1024 backup copy of shared folders at minimum intervals of 5 minutes without filling
large storage capacity and system resources.
● File or folder level data recovery brings great convenience and saves time for users who wants to return only one particular file or folder.
● Cloud Station with the file version reduces up to half of current storage consumption compared to the Ext4 file system.

Comprehensive Business Application with DS716 + II

Supported by the innovative Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), DS716 + II is fully available
with applications and business features:

● Easy integration with the environment in existing business networks through Windows® AD and LDAP directory services without recreating the user account.
● Windows ACL support provides fine-grained access control and efficient privileges settings, allowing DS716 + II to enter indefinitely to the current infrastructure.
●Complete backup applications can protect information assets by backing up regularly and well files and iSCSI LUN locally and remotely.

4K Ultra HD Multimedia Bank DS716 + II

Synology DiskStation DS716 + II features H.264 / H.265 1-channel 4K Ultra HD real-time or 3-channel Full HD3 video transcoding, bringing in more complete support to the latest and share files easily on Windows, Mac®, and the platform on Linux®. 

With the Video Station, you can manage your personal digital video library with comprehensive media information, watch 4K Ultra HD movies and movies, or record TV program with a DVB-T / DVB-S stick. 

Intuitive design of Photo Stations allows you to do it easily organize photos into customizable categories, smart albums and blog posts, and link them to sites in social networking in a few clicks. Audio stations are equipped with Internet radio and Lossless audio format supports and provides music playback via DLNA, AirPlay®, and Bluetooth device (Bluetooth dongle required).

Ready for Virtualization DS716 + II

With iSCSI support in DSM, DS716 + II provides unlimited storage solutions for virtualization environment, including VMware®, Citrix®, and Hyper-V®. With VMware vSphere 5 and VAAI integration, DS716 + II helps dismantle special storage operations and optimize computing power for performance and efficiency that is unmatched in the VMware environment. 

That's idealalternative SAN solutions for business. Affordable and cost-effective, iSCSI enables SMB
users to consolidate storage into an array of data center storage while providing hosts with
illusion of locally installed disks.

DS716 + II in Energy Efficient and Easy Management Design

Synology DS716 + II is designed and developed taking into account energy efficiency. Compared with average storage server colleagues, DS716 + II only consumes 19.14W regularly operation. Wake on LAN / WAN support and scheduled power on and off can be further reduce power consumption and operating costs. Hibernation HDD can be configured to do effect automatically when the system is inactive for a certain period of time. 

Not this one it only saves energy but also extends the life of the hard disk. All Synology products are manufactured with components that are RoHS compliant and packaged with recycling packaging material. Synology recognizes the responsibility of being a global citizen continuouslywork to reduce the environmental impact of each product Synology DS716 + II produced.