Synology DiskStation DS418play

Synology DiskStation DS418play is a 4-bay NAS designed for high definition multimedia fans. Powered by a new dual-core processor, DS418play supports real-time transcoding of up to 2 channels of H.265 / H.264 4K video simultaneously. AES-NI support ensures the transfer of encrypted data and smooth protection of important digital assets. 

Synology DS418play is supported by a 2-year limited warranty from Synology. Synology DS418play is an attached 4-bay network storage solution that is equipped with a dual-core processor and 2GB DDR3L memory (can be added up to 6GB). With Aggregation Links enabled, the DS418play provides great sequential throughput performance in more than 226MB / s reads and 220MB / s writes1. 

With accelerated AES-NI hardware encryption, DS418play provides encrypted data throughput on more than 226MB / s reading and 185MB / s writing1. DS418play comes with two USB 3.0 ports for high-speed external storage exchanges. Multiple 1GbE ports support network failure to prevent unexpected LAN failures. 

The hot-swappable drive tray with tray lock ensures easy data security replacement and protection of the drive. Front LEDs that can be adjusted to brightness with schedule controls provide the flexibility of an LED Setting that best suits your environment.

DS418play with the 4K Ultra HD Multimedia Library

Synology DiskStation DS418play has real-time transcoding features of up to 2 H.264 / H.265 4K video channels simultaneously, bringing stronger support to the latest formats and multimedia content. With the Video Station, you can set up a personal digital video library with comprehensive media information, and watch 4K Ultra HD movies and movies. 

Intuitive design Photo Station lets you easily organize photos into customized categories, smart albums and blog posts, and link them to social networking sites in a few clicks. Audio stations are equipped with Internet radio and a lossless audio format supports, and provide music playback via DLNA and AirPlay® - the appropriate devices.

Anywhere DS418play / Availability Anytime

Synology provides a variety of mobile applications that allow you to enjoy your multimedia library even while traveling. Available on iOS, Android ™, and Windows Phone® platforms, photo DS, audio DS, video DS, and DS files allow access to your Synology NAS via Photo Stations, Audio Stations, Video Stations, and File Stations. 

What's more, you can use DS to manage and monitor download tasks remotely Download the Station. QuickConnect allows you to connect through an easily-adjusted address so you can directly access media and work files on Windows / Mac / Linux computers, laptops, or mobile devices.

Next Generation Storage Efficiency

DS418play introduces the Btrfs file system, bringing the most advanced storage technology to meet modern business management needs: Internal data integrity checking detects data and file system damage with meta-data checksum data and improves overall stability Flexible Shared Folders / User Quota Systems provide quota control comprehensive for all user accounts and shared folders. 

Advanced snapshot technology with a customizable backup schedule allows up to 1,024 backup copies of shared folders at minimum intervals of 5 minutes without occupying large storage capacity and system resources. 

File or folder level data recovery brings great convenience and saves the time of users who want to restore only certain files or folders. Self-healing files: The Btrfs file system can automatically detect damaged files by mirror metadata, and recover damaged data using supported RAID volumes, which include RAID1, 5, 6, and 10.

Effective Synchronization & Backup Solutions with DS418play

DS418play can function as a centralized backup destination, making it easy to create your own private cloud. Cloud Sync keeps Dropbox, Google Drive, your Microsoft OneDrive, Baidu Storage, and Box synchronized with DS418play at home. The Cloud Station suite allows you to synchronize files between multiple devices, including Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and Tablets and Android / iOS phones, easily updating everything. 

With additional block level backup and cross-version deduplication, Synology Hyper Backup provides multi-version backup with storage utilization that can be optimized and allows backup to multiple destinations - local shared folders, external hard drives, shared folders of the network, rsync servers, and services public cloud.

DS418play Energy Saving and Easy Management

Synology DS418play is designed and developed taking into account energy efficiency. DS418play only consumes 29.01 W in regular operations. Build on LAN / WAN and scheduled power off / off can further reduce power consumption and operational costs. By hibernating the HDD, the hard drive can enter energy saving mode automatically when the system has been idle for a certain period of time with DS418play.