DiskStation DS415play

Synology® DiskStation DS415play is designed to centralize your multimedia collection and share it easily on your home network. Optimized for multimedia processing, DS415play provides Full HD transcoding on demand to ensure smooth streaming experience to the widest range of gadgets in your home.


● Private Multimedia Up to 24 TB Bank
● Full HD 1080p active video transcoding of flies
● Simultaneous Multi-Channels Streaming
● DLNA® Certified Media Server
● 1.6GHz Dual Core CPU with Floating Unit Point
● More than 112.45 MB / s Reading, 101.21 Writing MB / s1
● Running on Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM)

DS415play Built to Entertain

Synology DS415play is a ready media server specifically designed for users who have a very large multimedia library and want to share it. With up to four drive spaces, DS415play allows flexible RAID configurations to achieve efficient data redundancy. 

DS415play comes with dual core CPU and 1GB RAM, produces an average of 112.45 Reads MB / sec and writes speed of 101.21MB / sec under a RAID 5 configuration in a Windows®.1 Environment Supported by hardware acceleration transcoding engine, DS415play displays Full HD 1080p video transcoding quickly, easily shares videos with smart TVs, network media players, your mobile and PC devices. 

Playing DS415 is equipped with an external interface that you need - up to three USB 2.0 ports to power multiple peripheral devices simultaneously, and two other USB 3.0 ports to quickly speed up the exchange of external storage. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, the DS415play contains a hard drive tray without a hot-swappable tool to enable hassle-free hard drive installation and risk-free hard drive replacement.

DS415play Has Complete Multimedia Features

With DS415play, you can easily manage multimedia content and share it with smart TVs, Android TV boxes, network media players, tablets and mobile phones, Windows PCs, Mac® Computers, and Linux®. 

Intuitive Photo Station design lets you easily organize photos into special categories, smart albums and blog posts, and link them to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Picasa, Weibo and QQ in a few clicks. 

Audio Station equipped with the default lyrics plugin, Internet radio, and support for DLNA, AirPlay® and Bluetooth speakers for quality playback. With Video Stations, movies and TV seasons are automatically indexed with online metadata. You can also record your favorite programs with a DTV tuner (currently supporting DVB-T, DVB-S and DTMB standards).

DS415 Play DLNA® Certified Media Server

Certified DLNA DMS (Digital Media Server), DS415play also functions as a media ready server with the ability to host digital multimedia content for remote playback. Devices that support DLNA can access content shared on DS415play simultaneously local area networks without fussing about privilege settings. 

Not only does it make your bank multimedia available without pre-configuration, the Synology mobile application turns your mobile device into a remote control of your DS415 game, sending movies and photos to TV or music to your speakers directly from the palm of your hand. 

Synology QuickConnect and Cellular Applications For users whose network environment lacks a public IP address or the ability to do so configure port forwarding, QuickConnect provides relay services for you to access your Synology NAS from anywhere in the world, even when hidden on a local network area. 

With a customizable QuickConnect ID, you can log in to Synology NAS from the DSM browser interface, the Synology desktop utility, and the mobile application. Synology provides a mobile application that allows you to enjoy your variety of multimedia libraries even when you are on the go, allowing you to reach for your personal albums, music and video collections at home on DS415play. 

Available on iOS, Android ™ and Windows Phone Platforms, DS photo +, DS audio, and DS video mobilization for your Photo Station, Audio Station and Video Station, potentially putting terabytes of content at your fingertips. In addition, DS downloads allow you to do it manage and monitor your download tasks remotely and the DS file allows you to access files in DS415play whenever needed.

Easy setup and management with DS415play

Combined with the fast start widget, users can simultaneously tour the DSM system operation and set it up for immediate use. For users who are not familiar with complicated router configurations or those who just want to save time, Synology EZ-Internet Wizard simplifies the process of setting up access to Synology DS415play from the Internet. 

EZ-Internet Wizard guides you through all network settings including firewall, port forwarding, PPPoE settings, and DDNS registration. The DSM active multi-task web UI allows users to run multiple applications simultaneously in one browser and the tabs switch between them instantly. Synology Hybrid RAID allows you to achieve maximum use of your hard drive while keeping your storage secure with data redundancy.

Running on Synology DS415play Manager (DSM)

Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) is a web-based OS and provides many personal cloud services. It's designed to make your daily life easier. The default package center allows you to download and install packages specifically designed for unique needs You. 

Everything will happen with just a few clicks. A simple interface allows you to get and configure a minimum friction storage capacity. This gives you full control of your personal cloud and allows you to access it anywhere. Synology DSM will help you maximize productivity and get more from your digital assets with minimal noise.

Energy Efficient DS415play with Cool and Quiet Design

Synology DS415play is very well designed by considering energy efficiency. Not only does that provide two 92 X 92 mm fans and smart air flow to keep the system cool 24/7, the sound damper design makes it very quiet compared to the PC. The hibernation hard drive can further reduce power consumption and operating costs. 

All Synology products are manufactured with components that are RoHS compliant and packaged with recycled packaging materials. Synology recognizes the responsibility as a global citizen to continue working to reduce the environmental impact of each product manufactured by Synology DS415play.