Synology Disk Station DS209+II offers performance equivalent to PC servers for efficient data sharing and backup. High performance coupled with Synology Disk Station Manager 2.1 provides an ideal solution for cross platform sharing, secure server backup, Windows ADS integration, server business letters, and company supervision.

DS209+II Key Features

● High Speed
48+ MB / Sec RAID 1 Write
52+ MB / Sec RAID 1 Read
● Windows + Mac + Linux
● Power Savings (14.4W ~ 30W)

Sent with Disk Station
Manager 2.1 who provides:
● AJAX Based Management Interface
● Windows ADS support
● Encrypted Network Backup
● FTP Encrypted with Hacking Prevention
● Business Mail Server
● Company supervision
● Schedule Power On / Off

Management & Backup of DS209+II

Synology Disk Station DS209 + II supports large-capacity RAID 0 and reliable types of RAID 1 volumes, Users can also use one hard drive to create Non-RAID volumes and convert them to RAID 1 at a later time or expand RAID 1 volumes with more hard drives big. 

When the User Home is activated, Synology Disk Station DS209 + II automatically creates a home folder for each account user to give each user a personal space to store data. This eliminates the need for administrators to repeatedly create shared folders and user accounts. 

Synology Network Backup allows users to back up files from one Synology Disk Station to another or compatible with rsyn server, Local Backup allows backup to an external hard drive via USB or eSATA, both of which provide flexible scheduling options.

Secure File Sharing DS209+II

Synology File Station 2 simplifies file management with a web browser by introducing user-style Windows interfaces and advanced features including drag-n-drop, sub-folder privilege settings, uploading lots of files and downloads, and remote unziping features. 

HTTPS provides a safe way to access the Internet. When activated, connecting to a web-based Web Station, Photo Station 3, File Station 2, Surveillance Station 2, and Audio Station are all secured with SSL / TLS. FTP services through SSL / TLS encryption ensure file sharing at a high level of security. Unicode, write-only and highly sophisticated bandwidth management are also supported.

DS209+II Office Application

The Synology Mail Station Add-on provides a one-step installation and allows the Synology Disk Station DS209 + II to become an email server that supports Web mails such as Outlook, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP. Synology Surveillance Station 2 enables the Synology Disk Station DS209 + II to become an economical video network recording solution (NVR). More than 130 popular IP cameras with various brand names are supported.

DS209+II Environmentally friendly

Synology Disk Station was designed and developed continuously with the concept of energy saving. Compared to the average PC partner, Synology Disk Station DS209 + II consumes relatively low power and hibernation when not in use. This not only helps save energy but also extends the life of the hard disk. 

In addition, all Synology products are manufactured with components that are RoHS compliant and packaged with recycled packaging materials. Synology recognizes its responsibility as a global citizen and continues to reduce the environmental impact of the Synology DS209 + II products that we make.