Cloud Station Backup

Prepare My Cloud Station Backup

The Cloud Station Backup in this article we will explain in more detail how to install and configure Cloud Station Backup. This software will allow you to select a directory on your computer to back up to the CAHNRS Home directory in Download the software. To download Cloud Station, please visit and scroll down the page until you see the section titled "Backup Cloud Station". 

Then click the link to the software for your computer, e.g. Select the appropriate Windows, Mac, or Linux installer. After you download the appropriate client, please find the file on your computer and run it.

Cloud Station Backup Download 

Active Backup for Business
Free Driver
Active Backup for G Suite
Free Driver
Active Backup for Office 365
Free Driver

Confirm installation (Windows) Cloud Station Backup

On Windows you will usually be asked to confirm that you want to run this program. After clicking OK, you will also be asked by a separate security prompt if you trust the creator of this software. Select the language, after the installer starts, the first thing you will ask is what language you want to use. 

Starting the installer settings will now launch a wizard to guide you through the installation. Please choose next. Accept the license, you will be asked if you can accept the license. Please select "I Agree". The installation is complete, when the installer is complete, you will be asked to "Finish" the installation in Cloud Station Backup. 

Be sure to let the option "Run Synology Cloud Backup" be checked so that the configuration process can begin. Start configuration, when the installer is complete, or when you first start Cloud Station Backup you will see the Synology splash screen. Click "Start Now" to configure your system backup.

Connect to Server With Cloud Station Backup

You will be asked to provide connection details for the server, including the address and username and password. After you enter the requested information, click "Next" and the system will test your connection to the server. 

Server: Username: ad \ NetworkId, Your Password and Password. Select your directory, there is this screen you will have the ability to choose the directory you want to backup. Examples might include My Documents, Your Desktop, or other important locations. 

You can also adjust the backup destination, but we recommend that you use the default. If you want to make rules to exclude certain file types, you can make this change by selecting "Backup rules". After you select all directories you select "Next". Complete the setup, finally, you will be presented with a summary page of your configuration. 

If you are happy with the settings select "Finish" to complete the settings. You will then be asked if you want the backup destination to be read only so that other backup processes cannot modify it. If this is the only backup computer that you are running then select "OK". If you experience problems during installation please make a support ticket with CAHNRS IT. 

Some common mistakes might be privileges insufficient, meaning that your Cloud Station account has not been activated, or an untrusted certificate warning if you install software off campus. As long as the address you specify is "" please ignore the warning in Cloud Station Backup.