Best Cheap NAS

The Best Cheap NAS this Year for Those who have a Budget

Best Cheap NAS in network-mounted storage, although not a new concept, is still relatively new to many users and can be understood as an investment that many people will choose to be careful of. For this reason, major NAS brands such as Synology, QNAP, WD, Auster and many others have chosen to release a much more affordable and powerful version of the existing NAS line. 

This device, although a little underwhelming in terms of traditional PCs, is designed to give users entry-level access to software and hardware advantages from network-connected storage. Throughout 2018 we have seen hundreds of different NAS server devices entering the market and that can be confusing. Luckily we've been through all of that all year and below I can tell you the best 3 Cheap / Budget NAS drives for 2018.

The three NAS drives below are supported by Mac and Windows systems, and are equipped with several iOS and Android applications for unmatched access. All three can be used for Apple Time Machine backups, DLNA media streaming, basic file level access from the network or via the internet, multi-user account control features and encryption. 

Finally, to keep prices affordable, the three NAS drives in our best end of 2018 NAS list only feature one hard drive (or SSD), so functions like hot swapping or RAID are not available. However, all three can be synchronized with third-party cloud providers such as Google Drive or Dropbox to backup off-site, and support USB external drive connections.

WD My Cloud Home in Best Cheap NAS

2-8TB, Realtek RTD1295PB-CG 1.4Ghz A53 Quad Core, 1GB DDR4 Memory, 2-3 year warranty, USB 3.0 and 1 LAN - £ 140 + ex.VAT For easy setup and complete package, it's hard to beat the WD My cloud device. 

Over the years we have seen Western Digital release several different versions of their popular home NAS devices for many uses, but not until the release of the latest My Cloud home this year that they seem to really meet the Plex NAS user budget. 

At the time of this writing, WD My Cloud Home NAS is the only device that comes with a 64bit Realtek ARM CPU with a FULL version of the Plex media server application. Although there are other ARM-based NAS devices this year that support the Beta plex version, this very affordable NAS is the only one that comes with a fully compatible version. This almost completely justifies all prices, but there are more.

Add this fact that the WD My Cloud Home has been pre-loaded with the WD Red hard drive. With drives included (each sold for less than retail) and you will really struggle to find a Plex media server at a lower price in 2018. Also, keep in mind that this NAS device comes with a large warranty from WD and supports Apple Time DLNA Machines and much more in Best Cheap NAS. 

What else do you want ? It doesn't have some glossy applications from brands like Synology and QNAP, but this can be forgiven if you want a NAS designed for affordable and compact NAS for traditional file access in Best Cheap NAS.