Synology LiveCam

Synology LiveCam (Android)

With Synology LiveCam Turn a mobile device into an IP camera and pair it with a Surveillance Station. This not only allows you to view live streams, recordings, and photos on both the Surveillance Station and mobile devices, you can also download and save files locally for storage and viewing. 

Before streaming video with LiveCam, make sure you have the DSM and Surveillance Station 8.2 or above installed on Synology NAS. Please also ensure that all device licenses needed for Surveillance Stations are connected to the device.

Synology LiveCam Pairing and Unpairing

To pair the Synology LiveCam with the Surveillance Station: Address or QuickConnect ID from a Synology server: This can be an internal or external IP address, DDNS host name, or Synology QuickConnect ID. Make sure you have activated QuickConnect in Control Panel> QuickConnect on DSM before pairing with QuickConnect ID. 

If you want to secure a connection, please do the following: Turn on HTTPS if you want the connection to be encrypted TLS SSL. Before doing so, make sure the HTTPS service is activated in Control Panel> Network> DSM Settings on the Synology server. Enable certificate verification to validate SSL certificates that are installed on NAS Synology. This verification works if the certificate is installed reliably (must buy from a third party publisher).

Resolution of problems with Synology LiveCam

If it fails to pair, please do the following: Check that the Surveillance Station uses a special port. For example, if the port number is 9920, it is necessary to add a number to the end of the IP address / hostname DDNS, as in "". 

To disconnect the Synology LiveCam pair with the Surveillance Station: Open then tap Decide partner. Choose between saving or deleting recordings on the Surveillance Station. Below is a general introduction to Synology LiveCam: Under Camera, view camera feed, start or end video streaming, and adjust camera settings. 

Under Records, you can access all the recordings stored on the paired Supervision Station and mobile devices. Under Snapshots, you can access all the snapshots stored on the paired Monitoring Station. Under Other, check installation information, manage Settings, access the Help Center, and delete paired devices.

Operate the Synology LiveCam

To start or end video streaming: Open Camera then tap to start streaming video. Synology LiveCam will automatically stream images from the mobile device to the Surveillance Station. After streaming video starts, it will no longer be able to rotate between vertical or horizontal views. Please adjust your mobile device beforehand. 

Please note that streaming video will use significant power from a mobile device. Streaming video will continue if you switch to another application, return to the desktop, or enter standby mode during video streaming. However, this might still be disrupted due to other system operations. Synology LiveCam does not support streaming video if it is connected to the Surveillance Station through the QuickConnect relay service.

Adjusting the Synology LiveCam Camera Settings

Open Camera then tap to open the Camera Settings page. The available settings are listed below: Camera Name: Device name on the Surveillance Station. Front camera Stream Settings: Change the streaming source to the front camera of the mobile device.

Audio: Turns on / off audio recording on mobile devices. Resolution: Adjust the resolution. Available options vary according to the device. FPS: Adjust the frame rate. can choose FPS 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30. Quality: Adjusts video quality. can choose Low, Middle and High. 

Video Stabilization: Turns on / off Video Stabilization. Motion Detection: After activating Motion Detection, an icon will appear on the screen when the camera detects motion and an event warning will be sent to the paired Surveillance Station. can set Sensitivity and Threshold according to preference.

Recordings at the Synology LiveCam Monitoring Station

Rotate By Days: If activating Rotate By Days, the Surveillance Station will automatically delete records that have reached the maximum storage duration. Set parameters between 1 and 1825 days. Rotate By Size: If activating Rotate By Size, the Surveillance Station will automatically delete the oldest record to make room for the new one when the maximum storage space is reached. 

Setting the Space Limit (GB) from 1 GB to the storage available at the Surveillance Station. Record Storage: Organize shared folders according to your needs and preferences. Seamless recording: By activating this option, the recording will be saved to the mobile device when the connection between the LiveCam and the paired Supervision Station is disconnected in Synology LiveCam. 

The files will then be uploaded to the Surveillance Station when the connection is restored. Choose between Rotate By Days and Rotate By Size. To use other camera functions: LED: Tap to turn on the device's LED light. Power Save: Tap to enter power saving mode. Hold to exit. Snapshots: Tap to take a snapshot. All photos will be stored on the paired Supervision Station.

Manage Recording files with Synology LiveCam

Go to Recordings to view recordings stored on the Surveillance Station and mobile devices. Tap to set filters and quickly find the record you're looking for. To delete a recording in batch mode: Delete the recording in batch mode by tapping then selecting the file to be deleted. To download recordings in batch mode: Download recordings in batch mode by tapping then selecting the file to download. 

To lock or unlock recordings in batch mode: Lock or unlock recordings in batch mode by tapping then selecting the file you want to lock or unlock it. To manage snapshots: Open Snapshots to see the snapshots stored on the paired Surveillance Station. To find a specific photo: Tap to set the filter and quickly find the photo you are looking for.

Delete photos in batch mode by tapping then select the photos you want to delete. To download photos in batch mode: Download snapshots in batch mode by tapping then select the snapshot you want to download. To lock or unlock photos in batch mode: Lock or unlock photos in batch mode by tapping then select the photos you want to lock or unlock.

Synology LiveCam Application Settings

To view the Synology NAS pair: Go to More to check the Synology NAS paired by looking at account information. To configure security settings: Go to Other> Settings to configure the passcode. To access more information: Open More> Help Center to see Help articles, Contact Support, and view Synology LiveCam application information.