Synology Cloud Station Work Team

Work Team

Synology Cloud Station In work scenarios, synchronized shared folders can be accessed to several users. Administrators can activate folders together specifically for Setting, and each user openly searches for or selects data synchronized in the privileges given. Working perfectly with Linux and Windows ACL from DSM, Cloud Station is very beneficial for all parties involved in the same project, all of which are needed with various access to synchronized data.

Simple data files, RAID files, and functional off-site. It uses Mac OS X Server, which is basically an unsupported product, but most of our data is represented by Teamwork project files. If Teamwork can't work with NAS, then it's not a smart solution for the office. Local user settings for the TW server, but mostly to ensure the volume is installed when the BIM Server is run. This can manage RAID Features and complete connectivity is very interesting. 

But if you want to have one data strategy for TW and the other for all other uses. Basically, the disk is the most important component for BIM Server because its operation is very I / O intensive. It usually does not match the external disk, because in many cases this disk does not work, and cannot meet the requirementsneeded. BIM Server requires at least 100MB / s reading AND writing speed for proper operation. The connecting cable must be able to handle the speed above too.

File server and BIM Server

Connecting with just one GB of Ethernet cable is not enough because it means around 125 MB for read and write operations, which will only be 62 MB / sec for each.BIM Server must have full access to the disk. As mentioned, the disk must be installed before the BIM Server starts and the disk must be accessible at any time because it has its own power supply. 

If other applications also use the same disk  the operation is also very intensive then the disk and cable must be used when the user works the team and the user file server uses disk at the same time (file servers and BIM Servers will compete with each other for resources). The solution mentioned - Synology 1515+ - meets the above, so if you choose it (min. 7200 rpm), then it's okay. If you don't have a large number of projects (on average 2-3 GB), then maybe a RAID solution that is a better choice (for example: Promise Pegasus) , LaCie).