Synology Cloud Station Data

Data Transmission & QuickConnect

Synology Cloud Station As the name implies, QuickConnect is designed to make connected Synology NAS servers easy and fast. Setting up a server and properly availing its services usually requires a certain level of knowledge in IT administration. QuickConnect strives to eliminate those needs and, through technology, causes the least amount of network overhead, to connect Synology NAS servers without anyone's effort. This means that QuickConnect eliminates some of the obstacles often faced by users trying to set up a NAS server, QuickConnect users are freed from having to have a static external IP address, set port-forwarding rules in NAT before NAS, and switch between WAN / LAN addresses when the client device is moved .

QuickConnect was originally designed to ensure that specific Synology NAS services can be reached on any network environment, even those that cannot be forwarded to ports. Now it offers a comprehensive solution to guarantee that not only services are always accessible, but they are also accessed with minimal hassle and network overhead. As such, QuickConnect provides the following features, a permanent and easy-to-remember server ID - QuickConnect ID - that works both on the LAN and on the Internet.

Server location detection (LAN / WAN detection), QuickConnect Punching, Automatic port forwarding via UpnP, QuickConnect relay service, QuickConnect Web Portal With this feature, QuickConnect users enjoy a variety of exclusive benefits, including, personalized ID servers. Accessibility is everywhere regardless of the network environment Guarantees that client devices always take the shortest path to reach the NAS through QuickConnect.

Synology Cloud Station supports the SSL

Secure data circulation consists of security in transmission, authentication, and certain scenarios, remote data access without exposing sensitive server information to the Internet. The Synology Cloud Station supports the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol during transmission to ensure that encrypted data travels over the network. as the default Cloud Station cipher suite using RSA_RC4_128_MD5.

Certificates can be used to secure Synology NAS NAS services. Having a certificate allows users to validate the identity of the server and administrator before sending confidential information. Server identity verification is filled with certificate checks to combat phishing site attacks. Besides server certificate verification, the Cloud Station client also tracks the certificate signature and will issue a warning when the signature is changed.

With this mechanism, Cloud Client stations can avoid SSL connections from being hijacked (such as man-in-themiddle attacks) even if the server uses a self-signed certificate. As explained in Block-Level Synchronization, instead of transferring all files with each update, the Cloud Station only collects differences (packaged in patches) between versions. This not only saves bandwidth, but also increases security, because patches sent are small and incomplete.

QuickConnect offers a relay service that allows NAS Synology to be accessible via the Internet without actually setting a static IP address. This makes it possible to save a NAS Server in a local area network, and allow the Cloud Station to be visited during the Internet using QuickConnect. This feature is very useful when sharing data with people outside someone's organization. Activating the QuickConnect service allows files to be shared to be retrieved from a Synology server, not their own.