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Most Secure Cloud Storage

The internet is a fun and exciting place that is full of opportunities, and not. Criminals might steal credentials, someone might read confidential information and the government might browse travel photos to Egypt. If you want to protect data in the cloud, we will notify you about the safest cloud storage, starting with 

Considering the number of hacks and malware attacks in 2017, there are no security questions that should be a major concern. Ransomware can take cloud data hostages and request payment for their release, but our ransomware protection article can help avoid it. Bad individuals might steal passwords, which can cause all hell to be released. 

It's no secret that the government spies on their citizens, with laws such as the US PATRIOT Act and the CLOUD Act giving them permission. The PRISM supervision program in the US is one example. With those who play, the most important thing is to ensure the privacy and security of information on the web.

Making the safest Secure Cloud Storage

Well, security makes cloud storage services safe, and that depends on the encryption it uses, at rest and on trips, and the protocol it uses. For example, the TLS protocol helps protect against man-in-the-middle-attacks. Two-factor authentication is useful if someone steals passwords and private encryption ensures that only those who can read the data. 

No one wants to vacate their bank account to pay for cloud storage, so we make sure there is no need to choose a service that offers the best deals. The more plans offered by the provider, the better the choice. Free packages or trials are also a plus, because it will allow testing services before subscribing. 

We also want a straightforward user experience because it's better than having to call IT to help transfer files to the cloud. We see what operating system the application uses, and how attractive and easy to use it want fast speed, which depends on how close to the server and internet service provider. 

We are looking for services that allow changing transfer settings to improve connections and use block level transfer algorithms to speed up the process of updating files that have been uploaded by only sending modified parts.

Safest Secure Cloud Storage was founded in Toronto in 2011 and has built a reputation for strong user security and privacy, which helped it to rank at the top of this list and compare our cloud storage. Because it is based in Canada, it benefits from Canadian privacy laws, too, which is one of the best in the world.

Its reputation comes from the fact that it uses 256-bit AES encryption to scramble TLS files and protocols, which protect data from tapping during transfers to the data center. The key for 256-bit encryption is generated on the server and encrypted with a 2048-bit RSA public key. 

Once on the client side, only the private key - which only the client has - can decrypt it. Not only does it make zero knowledge, but is one of the best zero knowledge services on the market. The protocol that always transports that information is SSL / TLS. does not depend on SSL for important security, because it cannot be trusted by itself. 

This is applied as an additional layer above 2048-bit RSA and 256-bit AES encryption used for each file. That means if SSL is violated, the file will remain encrypted and inaccessible. The data center is SOC 1 certified and uses a RAID architecture to prevent server failures causing data loss. 

Two-factor authentication is available to protect passwords from hackers who want to steal it, but it's a good idea to make it strong, regardless. Version history, restore, and reverse protect against malware,but only for 30 days if you subscribe to a free package. If someone takes a device and can lock it remotely, no one can get files in the Secure Cloud Storage. 

Business plans offer more security features, such as HIPAA compliance, compliance with General Data Protection Regulations and global compliance. In addition, it can delete files remotely when revoking access to shares and managing permissions to share per user and per file. The free package, Sync Starter, provides 5GB of storage, which is smaller than our best offer in cloud storage.

However, this is enough to test the service and see if the service works for. If you do a few steps, you can get 1GB of additional storage. Add 1GB per reference up to 20GB. Private users can choose between two packages: Personal Pro 500GB and Personal Pro 2TB. The first cost is $ 49 per year, while the second costs $ 96 per year and is one of the best transactions in cloud storage. 

The business plan starts with Solo Business, which provides 2TB for $ 96 per year. Business Pro offers 1TB per user for $ 60 per year. A minimum of two users is needed and the maximum is 50. If you need more storage, you can subscribe to the Advanced Pro Business plan, which supplies up to 10 TB of storage per user for $ 180 per year. follows a general synchronization model consisting of a synchronization folder and taskbar icon. Web clients are interesting and intuitive to use and have the same features as desktops and others that enhance the experience. The smartphone application is available for Android and iOS. can use it to work with offline files and upload photos and videos to the cloud. 

If you want to learn more about the feature, read our review. The initial speed is average for cloud storage services and, because it doesn't have block copy, can't increase it after the file has been uploaded. If transferring uses too much system resources and can strangle the synchronization process. With secure cloud storage security more secure.