Synology RX418

Synology RX418 is an easy solution for volume expansion and data backup for Synology RackStation 1U1 by adding on the fly 4 additional bays for SAS / SATA Hard drives. With a shallow chassis, the RX418 allows for easy installation and deployment on 2 post racks and wall mounting racks. 

The Synology RX418 is covered by the Synology 3 year limited warranty. Extending storage capacity when the storage capacity at the Synology RackStation 1U reaches its limit, the SynXX RX418 Expansion Module unit makes it easy to expand capacity by adding 4 SATA 3.5 "/ 2.5" hard drives to the system. It is also possible to use Synology RX418 as a local backup destination specifically for Synology RackStation 1U for complete data protection in Synology RX418. 

The plug-n-play design is reliable and is connected to the Synology RX418 to the Synology RackStation which is suitable for ready use. The hard drives in the connected Synology RX418 function as if they are internal disks on NAS Synology that are connected and can be managed directly by Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), without installation of any additional software.

RX418 Environment friendly and easy to use

Synology DSM, an award-winning operating system, offers an intuitive user interface for easy system management. Hibernation hard disks can be configured in DSM to automatically take effect when the system is inactive for a certain period. This not only saves energy but also extends the life of the installed disk. Confirm the connection and manage storage space Enter DiskStation Manager (DSM) from RackStation. 

Open Storage Manager> Overview to confirm that the expansion unit is well connected. Go to the RAID Group in the left pane to manage creation or expansion of storage. If you want to create a new RAID group, click Create and follow the wizard to create. If you want to expand the RAID group, select the RAID group that you want to develop the group list, click Manage> Add Disk and follow the wizard to continue with the extension. When the RAID group is ready, open Volume in the left pane to manage volume. 

If you want to create a new volume in the extension, click Create and follow the instructions for the wizard. If you want to expand the existing volume, select it from the volume list, click Edit and follow the wizard's instructions. For more information about volume management, see DSM Help> Storage Manager. Limitations: Before using this expansion unit, see the limitations below. 

The RX418 Expansion Unit can only be connected to one Synology RackStation at a time. Some DSM package data can be stored on the expansion unit only if it makes an extended volume. Data cannot be stored in the expansion unit if an independent volume has been created there. The drive previously used on the Synology RackStation cannot be read when entering it directly the expansion unit and vice versa in RX418.