RackStation RS2416+

The Synology RS2416+ is a quad-core CPU with the new AES-NI encryption engine, enabling exceptional data encryption performance and acceleration. There are several built-in Gigabit network ports and can be upgraded to 24 discs and advanced snapshot technology for data protection, Synology RS2416 + is the ideal storage solution for data backup, a criterion of asset protection and file sharing in various plate formats. 

The Synology RS2416 + is covered by a limited 3-year Synology warranty. Backing up important data with higher performance. When data is important, find a place to store a large number of company files while maintaining data security is very important for SMEs, and Synology RS2416 + is the ideal solution. 

With all new quad-core processors, integrated AES-NI encryption engine hardware, expandable RAM modules of up to 6 GB and SSD cache that is optimized for reading / writing, RS2416 can reach an average speed of 450.47 MB ​​/ s read and write 381.92MB / s in a RAID 5 configuration in the Windows® environment and data transmission rates of 399.89MB / s were read and 198.72MB / s in writing1. 

Btrfs: next-generation storage efficiency RS2416 + implements the Btrfs file system, offering advanced storage technology to meet the needs of modern businesses. Integrated data integrity checks detect data and file system corruption and checksums of metadata, and improve general stability. Flexible folders / user quota systems provide complete quota control on all user accounts and shared folders. 

Advanced snapshot technology with customizable backup scheduling allows up to 256 shared folder backups without occupying large storage capacity and system resources. Restoring file level data or folder levels is very convenient and allows users to save time to recover only certain files or folders. The Cloud Station, with the file version system, can be compared to the Ext4 file system.

RS2416+ Complete Professional Application

Running under the innovative Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), RS2416 + is equipped with applications and features designed for businesses: Easy integration into existing corporate network environments through Windows® AD and LDAP directory services without re-creating user accounts. 

Windows ACL provides flexible access control and efficient privilege settings enabling RS2416 + to seamlessly integrate with current infrastructure. The default backup application protects IT resources by regularly backing up iSCSI files and LUN locally and remotely. In addition to superior performance, RS2416+ is built for reliability. 

Four Gigabit LAN ports provide redundancy in the event of a sudden hardware failure, while hot-swappable hard drives also help minimize system interference when changing drives. The passive cooling technology eliminates the dependence on dedicated fans to cool the processor. If there is a fan failure, the integrated redundancy mechanism will rotate the functional fan to increase ventilation.

Uninterrupted availability is an important goal for all businesses, but many companies around the world are still less prepared to face disasters. From redundant power supply (only RS2416RP +) reduces the risk of system shutdown due to power failure in RS2416+. 

High availability managers can ensure a smooth transition between clustered servers in the case of server failures with minimal impact on applications to reduce the risk of unexpected interruptions and expensive downtime. 

Strong and affordable scalability, up to 168 TB When the RS2416 + storage capacity is close to its limit, it's easy to expand the capacity with Synology RX1214 / RX1214RP via a connection cable specifically designed to maximize the data transmission speed between the main server and extension unit. RX1214 / RX1214RP can directly expand the storage to RS2416 + with a maximum capacity of 168 TB.

RS2416+ Ready for Virtualization

With support for iSCSI on DSM, RS2416 + provides solutions for transparent storage for virtualization environments, including VMware®, Citrix® and Hyper-V®. With VMware vSphere 5 and VAAI, RS2416 + / RS2416RP + integration helps reduce specific storage operations and optimizes computational power for performance and efficiency that is unmatched in the environment. 

VMware is the best alternative for storage area network solutions (SAN) for companies. Affordable and economical, iSCSI allows SME users to consolidate data storage in data center storage arrays while providing an illusion of disks that are locally connected to the host. The Synology RS2416 + was designed and developed to limit energy consumption. 

Compared to average equivalent storage servers, RS2416 + consumes relatively little power. Caring for Wake on LAN / WAN and programmed start / stop still helps reduce energy power consumption and operating costs. Hibernation HDD can be configured automatically when the system is inactive for a specified period. 

This not only saves energy but also extends the hard drive for life. All Synology products are made from components that are RoHS compliant and packaged with recycled materials. Synology carries its responsibilities as citizens of the world, trying to reduce the impact of each of its products on the environment in RS2416+.