Synology RackStation RS18016xs+

Synology RackStation RS18016xs+ provides superior performance and reliable attached network storage solutions for companies seeking services without the disruption of comprehensive business applications. Can be scaled up to 1,440TB, Synology RackStation RS18016xs + simplifies data management, optimizes virtualization environments, and rapidly expands storage capacity with minimal time investment in setup and maintenance. 

Synology RS18016xs + is supported with a 5-year limited warranty from Synology. The outstanding performance of the RS18016xs + provides outstanding performance at more than 3,900 MB / s throughput and 348,000 IOPS in RAID 5 configurations with VLAN1. 

Through advanced flash technology, a combination of hard drives and optimized read / write SSD cache increases efficient throughput while minimizing per gigabyte costs. In addition, the RS18016xs + comes with genuine SAS support and SATA III 6Gb / s that releases the full potential of a fast SSD, ensuring optimal data processing under heavy system loading in RS18016xs+. 

In addition to the default 4 Gigabit ports, the RS18016xs + is equipped with two PCIe 3.0 x8 slots, allowing the installation of two 10GbE 10GbE dual-port 3 network interface cards to maximize bandwidth, providing superior performance required by data intensive applications from storage systems. Equipped with 8GB of RAM and support for ECC RAM expansion of up to 32GB, the RS18016xs + ensures superior data accuracy and performance to provide a solid foundation for important business tasks.

RS18016xs+ Next Generation Storage Efficiency

RS18016xs+ introduces the Btrfs file system, bringing the most advanced storage technology to meet the needs of modern large-scale business management: Default data integrity checks detect data and file systems corrupt with meta-data and checksum data and improve overall stability. Flexible Shared Folders / User Quota Systems provide comprehensive quota control for all user accounts and shared folders. 

Advanced snapshot technology with a customizable backup schedule allows up to 256 backup copies of shared folders without occupying large capacity and storage resources. File or folder level data recovery brings great convenience and saves time for users who want to return only one particular file or folder. Cloud Station with file version reduces up to half of storage consumption when compared to Ext4 file system.

RS18016xs+ Virtualized Certified

RS18016xs + provides unlimited storage solutions for virtualization environments, including VMware, Citrix, and Hyper-V. With VMware vSphere 5 certification and VAAI integration, the RS18016xs + helps dismantle special storage operations and optimize computing power performance and efficiency unmatched in the VMware environment. 

As a centralized storage of virtual environments, the RS18016xs + allows virtual machine migration, enabling the transition from server to server while eliminating service downtime and disruption to users. Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) from Synology Advanced LUN support can improve the efficiency of data transfers and massive migration.

RS18016xs+ Comprehensive Business Application

Powered by the innovative Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), RS18016xs + comes fully with applications and features specifically designed for large-scale businesses: Easy integration with existing business network environments through Windows® AD and LDAP directory services without re-creating user accounts. 

Windows ACL support provides fine grained access control and efficient settings privileges, allowing the RS18016xs + to enter seamlessly into the current infrastructure. The default backup application protects information assets by backing up files and iSCSI LUNs locally and remotely. 

Strong scalability with 12 HDD trays and a total storage capacity of up to 1,440TB2, RS18016xs + is designed to grow with the business. The RS18016xs + supports up to 180 HDDs or SSDs for flexible and balanced performance capacity to meet the needs of various applications and processes. 

When the RS18016xs + storage capacity is close to its limit, expansion is easy to do with the Synology RX1216sas via a connection cable specifically designed to maximize data transmission throughput between the main server and good expansion units. Large storage space management on the RS18016xs + is simple and flexible. 

Multiple Volume on RAID allows users to create more than one volume in a RAID structure, providing a flexible and efficient way to manage storage on all hard drives. When the need for more space appears, volumes can easily be expanded without any service interruptions.

RS18016xs+ Reliability, Availability & Disaster Recovery

System reliability is very important for businesses that depend on commercial servers every day. The RS18016xs + responds to this problem with a wide range of availability and redundancy features: High Availability Synology ensures a smooth transition between clustered servers in the event of a server failure with minimal impact on the application. 

Redundant data lines, power supplies, system fans, and network ports with support failures ensure continuous service uptime. High reliability system design including fanless heat-sink CPU and passive cooling Technology prevents a single point of failure. The ECC RAM module detects and corrects errors during data transmission. 

The fan-free system design tool allows hot swap and exchange systems that don't work easily with fans. With a new sliding kit rail without screws: Synology RKS1314 (optional), the system installation and maintenance is fast and easy with RS18016xs+.