FlashStation FS2017

The FS2017 aims to make this technology more attractive to SMEs. This 2U rack tool offers the same 24 SFF bay as its sister but simpler hardware specifications have enabled Synology to cut costs. While the FS3017 costs shade under ten thousand, the price for diskless FS2017 starts at around £ 5,000. 

Performance will be lower because the FS2017 is powered by a 2.1-GHz 8-core D-1541 Xeon single CPU - the FS3017 is endowed with dual 2.4GHz E5-2620 v3 Xeon. Memory is a variation of DDR4 ECC RDIMM and FS2017 starting with 16GB which can be upgraded to 128GB. This is actually better endowed in the network department because it offers the same dual embedded 10GBase-T port as the FS3017 but adds it to the Gigabit quartet. 

Use cheap Kingston SATA SSDs and monitor their health from the Storage Manager application Quality, design, and noise The 45W low TDP of the Xeon D-1541 reduces power consumption allowing Synology to match the smaller 500W dual PSU. Physically, there are several other differences because the sturdy chassis uses the same removable panel on the lid with four plug cooling fans hiding underneath. 

The noise level makes the FS2017 best suited for special spaces because even in DSM 'quiet' fan mode, the SPLnFFT iOS application on iPad records 60dB from one meter in front of the device. If you add a network card, this mode is disabled and in the next 'cool' setting, the noise level rises to 66dB. Choose the 'full speed' mode with risk because it produces 77dB which is very high. 

SAS12G Dual-Synology PCI-Express card serves all front hot-swap spaces that allow the FS2017 to support low-cost, high-performance SATA-SSD. There is one backup expansion slot and FS2017 certified for industry standard 10GbE, 25GbE, and even 40GbE network adapters. This tool is ready expansion because up to two 12-bay RX1217sas or 24-bay RX2417sas disk racks can be connected to an external port on the first SAS card (the second card port is labeled only for maintenance use). 

It is also cheaper to expand this tool because the FS3017 requires an optional FX317 SAS3 card that costs around £ 700. It has three fan modes but all are too noisy to be placed in the office. Good 10GbE player With eight SATA400 DC400 480GB SATA configured in the Synology array RAID F1, Records good overall performance. 

The NAS section mapped to the Windows server Lenovo x3550 M5 more than 10GbE produces fast sequential read and write speeds of 9.2Gbps and 8Gbps. The overall I / O is also good because the Iometer is assigned to a 4KB transfer request reporting sequential read and write rates of 98,500 IOPS and 78,000 IOPS in  FS2017. 

For random operations, seeing the reading level remains the same while writing drops to 60,000 IOPS. The IP SAN 10GbE performance is quite good with a target of 500GB returning sequential read and write speeds of 9.1Gbps and 7.9Gbps. Random I / O reading and writing processes were completed at 84,000 IOPS and 56,800 IOPS. Synology claims 90,000 IOPS for random iSCSI writing is sufficiently achievable. The Iometer runs on two servers each with a specific iSCSI target, Noting the overall cumulative of 89,800 IOPS. 

The performance of a common SQL database with an iometer that is configured for 256 I / Os is extraordinary, 16KB block size, 66% read, 34% write and 100% random distribution. After leaving the test to complete, the FS2017 returned an impressive 50,000 IOPS even though the average latency dropped at 20.5 ms. Set the notification system tool to notify when the volume space is getting smaller.

FS2017 DSM Features

DSM 6.1 Synology software offers a variety of exceptional storage features. The new F1 RAID option is designed to balance SSD wear across the board by nominating one drive to receive more parity bits. Support for BTRFS volumes brings snapshots of NAS shares and iSCSI LUN. Managed by the slick Replica Snapshot application, make snapshots on request and schedule them regularly as often as every five minutes. 

Recovering lost data is easy because the application allows us to select photos, clone or copy them in place. Browse through shared snapshot content and copy selected files to new locations or use the File Station application to send email to other users. FS2017 is not designed to be a general-purpose backup storage area that is better handled by products such as Synology high-capacity Sy18017xs + which are reviewed in Pro PC. 

However, if you want to get secured data outside the location, the DSM Hyper Backup application provides facilities for remote backup, Rysnc, and cloud. During testing, Using the DSM Resource Monitor to oversee the use of the FS2017 tool was well made and equipped with two redundant PSUs even though the noisy cooling system moved it to a soundproof cabinet or special server room. 

Even so, this is a versatile storage solution because it supports both SATA and SAS3 SSDs while the DSM Synology software provides impressive features Lower hardware specifications do have an impact on performance because it feels slower than FS3017, but found that FS2017 meets Synology speed demands . Furthermore, with the price of a diskless model starting at around £ 5,000, FS2017 is a better choice than the FS3017 for SMEs who want an affordable all-flash storage solution with FS2017.