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Free cloud storage it has a good ring for it, rather like free money. The good news for bargain seekers is that these days almost every respectable member of the best cloud storage club has a free plan. This might surprise anyone, however, to show that some of these freebies are free for a reason.

To help find a way, we decided to compile a list of the best free cloud storage packages that are now available. From versatile pploud to popular Google Drive to securing and bottomless referral programs, this capable service will provide all the free space you need. For some people, the word "free" is all they need to hear. 

So, here are some free suggestions: not all free cloud storage packages are made the same. The most obvious difference, of course, is that some providers simply don't provide much storage space to work. Dropbox, one of the most famous cloud storage services, is also one of the most surprising when it comes to free storage. 

Get 2GB with the free Dropbox package, right called Dropbox Basic. Our overall choice, pCloud, gives five times that amount. Dropbox does have programs to get up to 16GB free by inviting friends to sign up, but there are more generous referral programs out there, too, like our overall second choice, 

Besides limiting gigabytes, many free cloud storage packages also limit the features that get. Opt in Dropbox, again, Dropbox Basic loses major capabilities such as passwords for shared links and cellular offline access. There is a reason we collect all alternative Dropbox articles. When evaluating services for this article, we list the total free storage space as our main concern, but providing features offered for free is almost as much as its weight. 

Along with features, we also consider user experience, which plays a large role that recommends PCloud not only as the best free service, but also worth a lifetime subscription if you decide to register. All of that is to say that this list is not free for all. We consider a number of things in putting our rank together, which we will describe in service-by-service when we do it.

Best Free Cloud Storage

pCloud gives 2GB of free cloud storage to create an account. That isn't bad by itself, and can easily add another 8 GB by doing some simple tasks, such as referring services. Any free pCloud account does not include the two main features, namely the password and the expiration date for the shared link. For more information about these features, see our pCloud review. 

To get it, you have to upgrade to a 500GB or 2TB account, even though both are quite cheap and included in our list of the best deals on cloud storage. Apart from the missing features, the pCloud experience for free users is pretty good. We were especially impressed with the video player in it and the fact that pCloud can handle streaming HD in Free Cloud Storage. 

It also has a good music player that allows creating playlists using MP3s stored in free storage space. Although one of the knowledge services without our favorite information, does not get zero knowledge including even with a pCloud Premium subscription. have to pay extra for pCloud Crypto. 

However, as a free user, you can register to Crypto without having to pay for Premium. For the more demanding among us, maybe a little disappointed because many free options are stripped of some of the features that make their paid version great. If you want a more feature-packed cloud storage solution, check out our best deals on cloud storage. 

Even though it's not free, this transaction will still make it feel like robbing a bank. If there is a free cloud storage package that is not mentioned in this article, you can check to see if we include services that offer it in our cloud storage review library. Now, before we enter our rankings, let's talk about some of the things we consider when compiling them in Free Cloud Storage.