Administration Sinology

Administration Sinology

Administration Sinology the All DSM users, including local users, LDAP, AD, and AD Domain Trust users, are eligible to use Cloud Station services, and administrators can choose to select user rights selectively. Administrators can also activate selective shared folders for refreshment. All ACL and Linux configurations specified in DSM. It also allows one-way investigation by giving users only by reading permissions to synchronized shared folders. 

Administrators can also configure "Conventional profiles" for each user to only set limited size files and file types. Cloud Station also offers features with search and filter features, and a Client List to see connected device. In addition, you can also use networks in Attach Storage (NAS) and routers that will be available on the market in 2019. This event provides updates and fosters loyalty to partners and resellers. The two solutions offered by Synology at this event are Active Backup for Business which is useful for data in data process backups.

 In addition, another solution is Surveillance Solutions, to protect businesses and homes. This solution is equipped with smart devices and videos, to protect property and valuable assets. On this occasion, Synology will bring some of their new technologies, which will be introduced. Active Backup for Business Product Director of PT. Integra Global, provides backup and complete backup, capable of protecting PCs, physical servers, and virtual machines. This software also offers a centralized, in the form of a dashboard that displays related data that has been backed up on devices that are already installed and running this software. 

Administration centralized

Administration This centralized appraisal is suitable for companies with a large number of employees, so there is no need to remind employees to make backups. Because IT admin can set the schedule of backups on devices that have run the software. In addition, Active Backup for Business is also equipped with technology called Deduplication, preventing one file being backed up and stored in several versions. This technology is also offered in a feature called Snapshot, which prevents storage space on NAS devices from being filled with improper files. Active Backup for Business is also supported by the Synology Virtual Machine Manager, which functions to replicate the production environment for disaster sites temporarily. 

This Synology Virtual Machine Manager can be downloaded for free, even though users can buy permissions for this premium version. Besides Active Backup for Business, Synology also introduces similar backup software for Office 365 services and G Suite, which relies on cloud as the location for storing all files. This backup process on Google and Microsoft's services is important to do to prevent file loss due to ransomware attacks that are now rampant. In the second session, the NAS function was introduced which could also be used for surveillance needs. By installing the "Surveillance Station" from Synology, users can change the NAS as an NVR. 

This application is supported by a more accurate analytical search function, suitable for security needs in public places, such as malls, supermarkets, markets, hospitals, airports, and other locations, with the potential for incidents or high lost items. Through the "alert" panel and direct display analysis, security forces can monitor suspicious activities more easily. In addition, the recording function is also able to help save space up to 70 percent for companies or businesses that use many cameras. IGS is an official distributor in Indonesia for Synology, a Network Attach Storage (NAS) company from Taiwan, since 2010. Currently, Synology has been marketed to more than 70 countries such as the United States, Britain, Germany, France, China and Indonesia.